Photo Credit: disparkys

They say a honeymoon is the most important holiday a couple will ever take. After all, it marks the start of your life together as husband and wife, so it’s worth ensuring that you go somewhere very special. One place I really recommend for anyone planning a honeymoon is Cyprus, it’s a truly magical island.

Once the stress of organising a wedding (as well as the big day itself) is over, it’s safe to say you’ll want to go somewhere that you can relax and unwind. As the country has warm sunshine and clear skies virtually all year round, it’s sure to tick all the right boxes. Obviously, you need to take a little time to find information about flights to Cyprus and the wealth of accommodation that is on offer, but I’m going to focus on the things you can see and do once you arrive. There are plenty to choose from, but here’s a few that I believe really stand out.

Trek through the Avakas Gorge

Cyprus is something of a natural paradise and, while it contains an array of beautiful parks and reserves, I don’t think there is any area that is quite as magical as the Avakas Gorge.

Visit this part of the country, which is situated within the Akamas peninsula just to the north-west of Paphos, and you’ll come across a stunning 3 km limestone gorge. Hiking through the terrain can be quite challenging in places, but I think you and your partner will both find your efforts have paid off as you get to see fascinating rock formations that are hundreds of years old.

Coming here also gives you the chance to observe some of Cyprus’s amazing fauna and flora. Hares, reptiles and foxes are just some of the former that can be seen here, while casting your eyes to the skies enables you to spot the likes of falcons and crows. Don’t forget to look out for the gorge’s diverse plants and flowers too. These include oak and juniper trees, as well as wildflowers. 

Explore ancient Kourion

Taking in some of Cyprus’s historic architecture is another great activity to enjoy on a romantic break and one of the sites that I find most interesting is Kourion. Located a short distance to the west of Limassol, this ancient citadel dates back to the 2nd century BC and features a number of fascinating Roman-era properties, including villas and a theatre.

I recommend you visit the House of Eustolios, where you’ll find intricate floor mosaics, while the 5th century basilica and Nymphaeum are nothing short of astounding.

Indulge yourself with spa treatments

A honeymoon should all be about relaxing and enjoying quality time with your partner and I don’t think there’s any better way to take things easy than by having an indulgent spa day. Health and wellness centres can be found all over Cyprus and while many of them are located in the country’s top hotels you don’t necessarily have to be a guest at such resorts to use these facilities.

Head to the Retreat Spa at the Aphrodite Hills hotel in Paphos, for example, and you’ll get to enjoy treatments provided by expert therapists. With everything from pedicures to aromatherapy sessions offered and with a number of couples’ rooms available, I’m sure you’ll both quickly feel refreshed and revitalized.