Language experts everywhere agree – there’s nothing quite like learning a language in its native territory. If you’re learning English, whether with a school like or through private lessons, you’d do well to consider spending some time learning it in the UK, the cradle of the most spoken language on Earth. There are plenty of great places in the UK to settle down and study, and plenty of reasons why: here’s a selection.

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As one of the world’s major global cities, the reasons for any foreign student to study here are manifold. With its dazzling scale, there’s something for everyone in London. Like history? London has it in droves, with everything from dozens of free museums to the Tower of London on offer. Like food? Some of the world’s best restaurants are on offer, with every taste and cuisine catered for. Like partying? There’s music, clubs and pubs every night of the week. London is bursting at the seams with culture and history, and makes for an ideal studying backdrop. It’s also ranked second in the world as the best ‘student city’.


Bath earned its name quite literally: the Romans would bathe in the hot natural spas in the area, which were said to have healing properties. Centuries later, it became popular and fashionable among the affluent Georgians, who transformed the city into an architectural paradise. It remains one of the most stunningly beautiful cities in the Britain – a visit to the famous Royal Crescent is a must – and it has proven a haven for students, home to two universities.


There are many benefits to studying abroad, especially when immersing yourself in the culture of the language you are learning. But what could be better and more conducive to learning than studying in the original cradle of learning? Oxford lays claim to hosting the oldest university in the country, with teaching starting on the site roughly 1000 years ago. The beautifully preserved historic city remains an epicentre of the highest standards of education.

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The unofficial ‘capital of the north’ has a long and proud student history, with a University presence since the Victorian times, and as a result, it is the second-highest ranked student city in the UK, behind London. It’s not hard to see why: the northern city has many well-established educational institutions, and with it all the provisions that students would expect. There’s excellent accommodation, world-class culture, and a bustling nightlife. In recent years it has transformed itself from a grottier industrial past to become a highly desirable place to live.


The UK’s ‘second city’ also boasts the UK’s second largest student population, behind London. There are over 65,000 higher education students in the city, studying at no less than six universities, plus a huge number of other colleges and schools. Naturally, this is a place well-catered to those looking to learn.

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