Florida is a prime destination for traveling families. There are so many attractions both built and natural. This is both a blessing and a curse. The variety can make for expensive family travel when buying all of these tickets individually when you arrive and risks disappointment if attractions are sold out. There are new ways to make less expensive and fit the family travel needs. Products like Orlando Flextickets 2013 will help with your planning.

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Finding the family travel deals will need an itinerary, a deal to something that will bring whinging from the family goes from deal to pain quickly. Some basic questions will help. Is the family more interested in nature or something more urban? Does nature look like a beach or is exploring the Florida swamplands and wildlife going to bring smiles? Is urban best found in an extensive theme park or wandering around a new city to visit museums and galleries? Maybe it will be a mix of all.

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The Florida Everglades is a fantastic wildlife and nature preserve. Home of alligators and snakes, a stunning array of birds and a few colourful locals it can be an adventure for any urbanites. The Florida beaches are famous for American college spring break parties but are also stunning stretches of sand for any family beach vacation the other 50 weeks of the year. The big choice is which side, Atlantic or Gulf coast.

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If nature makes the family squeamish, then the city is the way to head. If the junior family members are older then cities like Miami, Tampa or Fort Lauderdale have plenty to keep everyone going for days. Sports fans will need to check the schedules for when they should visit. Will it be American football, basketball, ice hockey or baseball? Art galleries, museums and innovative restaurants will spoil all true urbanites.

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Okay, those are all really good ideas for side trips but what would be the point of travelling to Florida if it isn’t for the theme parks. I would take months to see them all. This is where the real deals can be found. Many of the parks will have cross promotions or different cities/counties will bring together joint packages to keep you staying in their hotels. Here is where you can do a little research and end up with big savings.