Photo Credit: Tania.Paz

If you’re looking to get away from it all this winter, why not consider a trip to Barcelona? It isn’t typically people’s first choice for winter holidays, but there are quite a few reasons why this great city is worth a visit in the colder months.

Below you’ll find the top seven reasons to visit Barcelona as the weather turns frosty.

1. Dry, Mediterranean weather

It may not be too far away from the UK, but Barcelona benefits from much nicer weather in the colder months. It’s located on the coast, which means it doesn’t usually snow here and the weather is milder than it is back home. Even in January, the coldest month in the city, temperatures don’t tend to drop lower than 10°C!

2. Quieter and more relaxing

Barcelona is a popular city, so in the summer months it’s not unusual for it to get very busy. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, visiting this Spanish city in the winter season is highly recommended. You’ll be able to enjoy your visit to the city’s museums and art galleries without having to fight the crowds.

3. Cheaper prices

The biggest advantage of a winter trip to Barcelona is the lower prices. If you’re looking to save money and travel on a budget, you’ll find hotels in Barcelona at affordable rates with flights and other associated costs also lowered.

4. The Fira de Santa Llucia

The streets really come alive in the lead up to Christmas thanks to the Fire de Santa Llucia. This seasonal market has plenty to offer and one thing you’ll want to watch out for is ‘pooping logs’. They are found in every nativity scene throughout the city.

5. Excellent for shopping

One of the main reasons people come to Barcelona is to shop. Due to it being quieter in winter, you’ll get to enjoy a much more pleasant shopping experience.

6. Hiking in Collserola

One of the best activities to take part in throughout the winter months is hiking. As the temperatures are pleasant, you’ll get to enjoy stunning scenery in the Collserola natural park. There are plenty of archaeological sites to see throughout the park too.

7. You’ll enjoy plenty of sales

The sales tend to start on 7th January but don’t forget to take part in the sales that lead up to Christmas. As Barcelona is a shopper’s paradise, the sales are definitely not something to be missed. You’ll find plenty of discounted clothing so be sure to bring a few extra suitcases to take everything back in!