Maybe you can help me.

When I was looking to travel the world I scoured the web for personal blogs of people just-like-me who were doing it. Mostly to prove to myself that people-just-like-me could do it but also to learn how people were doing it.

How did they save the money? How much did it cost them? Where did they go? How did they decide? Did they get sick while traveling? Did they get along? How did they know to catch that bus right there? What did they eat? Where did they sleep? Did they like it? What if they didn’t? What made them take off to travel the world? Was it easy to meet people? Was it what they expected? Were there lots of bugs? What were they doing to do when they got back? Were they ever scared? What was their favorite meal? Why did they choose that particular island? What about retirement? How did they keep in touch with friends? Did they take malaria medication? Were they quitting their jobs? How did they get their India visa? Is the beer in Germany really that good?

Endless questions.

I have so many of the same questions now only, this time, it’s about becoming an expat and, while there seem to be bucket loads of travel blogs now I’m having trouble finding expat blogs that resonate with me.

Here’s the part where maybe you can help.

I’m looking blogs of people who have left their home land and are living somewhere new and different for them. As I was with traveling, I’m drawn to personal stories rather than magazine type sites. I’m interested in hearing how they made the decision, what struggles they overcame and how their new life is now.

Do you know of an expat writer that I should be following? A blog that is hiding away that I must read? I need to know!