I received a very sweet email this week from Christina of MeetUsInMunich. She said I could share it with you.

Hi Gillian,

I’ve been meaning to write this email for a while– thanks for commenting on our blog! It’s really silly, but I felt star-struck. I’ve been following your blog for a while. I would read it at work as we were secretly planning our getaway. I loved all your adventures and insight and advice. And it also gave me the encouragement and courage to take the first step to going around the world. So, thank you!

By the way, your post on India…now that we’ve been there, I so get what you’re saying! 😀

Take care,


Of course it boosted my ego a bit and maybe made my head swell slightly…I mean did you read the part about star-struck! But it also reminded me of how we never know of the effect we have on other people.

I realized a while ago that no matter how humble I feel, or how scared I am, or how giant my own steps seem, that there are people who look to me for inspiration and courage.


And I like it.

I like that people are inspired by me. That I have made a difference and helped someone overcome some of their fear to get where they are going.

Because I still look to others for the same thing. I think we all do.

I remember the first comment I got from a fellow blogger. When I realized it wasn’t just my mum reading. When I had to start thinking about who the audience was. And it scared the shit out of me!

And so I looked to bigger bloggers, more experienced travelers, and better writers to look for clues as to how I could do what they do. I watched as they expanded themselves, took risks and moved forward seemingly fearlessly and I emulated them on a much smaller scale.

But it’s also about connection. I followed those people and listened to their every word because I felt connected to them. I could see something of myself in their stories and, just like Christina, I would read them as we secretly planned our getaway.

The difference between inspiration and dreaming is that inspiration moves toward action while dreaming is static. Those who dream of one day doing something likely will never get there. Those who are inspired to do something will keep reading, and planning, until they get there.

It’s no different for me today. I still look to those that are doing what I would like to do.

I’m glad, Christina, that you wrote to me. It really did make my day week month! And, as I said to you in my email, I have no doubt that there are people who also read your blog and feel the same way!