One of the good things about staying in a smallish town seemingly-in-the-middle-of-nowhere are the ways that people come up with to entertain themselves.

Here in Woodstock, Ontario…the Dairy Capital of Canada…it’s Cowapolooza, baby!!

There were fake cows. And, of course, real cows.

Balloon blowing clowns.

A milking competition!! This was, for me, the most exciting part. Unfortunately I didn’t compete (because, really! Milking a cow! How fun would that be!) but it was a lot of fun watching those who did struggle to get a drop of milk from Lucy.

Kids and baby goats. You really can’t beat that.

A good, old fashioned, strong man (and woman) competition. It was brutal.

And there was, of course, a beer garden. Which we had no trouble finding.

Consider the afternoon entertained.