This month BootsnAll is hosting a project encouraging bloggers to look back on a year of travel and share stories of travel and fun. Sometimes we forget about the great places we go or the fabulous experiences we have; or perhaps there is some travel that we don’t at first consider to be ‘travel’. This is a great way to re-envision what travel means to us and realize that we all travel more than we think!

Todays Topic: Embracing Change

I’m not sure if I’ve always embraced change – I guess you’d have to ask my mother, but I would assume that I haven’t.

I do, however, clearly remember the day when I decided that fear would not stop me from doing whatever I wanted to do. I was in my mid-twenties and, more than the event itself, I remember a sense of calm coming over me and the decision was before me; now I will do all the things that I have been meaning to do…no more waiting.

Since that day I have embraced change and what it can bring. I love the renewal, the sense of wonder, the trust in not really knowing, and the discovery of what is possible.

It’s not always easy. I have, more than once, told myself ‘Well Gillian, this is what you wanted…what are you going to do now?’

I have faltered. I once planned on moving to a larger city and then backed out at the last minute because of fear. We stayed in Victoria much longer than our original plan because we got caught up in  buying a place because it was the ‘next step’. And I fear that our time now is spent ‘saving for the future’ because we’re actually scared of what the future will look like.

Overall, I think of change as a marker. Of what is possible. Of the risks that we’re willing to take. Of strength. And as a way to define that we’re moving forward and evolving.

How do you feel about change? Do you think it changes as we get older? Does it have to?