Vienna makes me think of old world romance. Gilded chandeliers, lavish dinners, plenty of wine and luxuriating in our Oh-Vienna apartment.

Here’s our five point plan to making the most of a stay in the Austrian capital:

1. Coffee and Strudel. We’ll sleep late, lounge around and then step outside our apartment and stumble to the nearest cafe where we’ll slowly rouse ourselves while enjoying some of the best coffee and apple strudel on the planet.


Photo Credit: csaavedra

2. The Vienna Naschtmarkt. Once we’re thoroughly caffeinated we’ll make our way to the market where we can wander through sampling as much as we can before the coffee haze wears off.


Photo Credit: caramdir

3. Giant Ferris Wheel. The 100 year old Vienna Ferris Wheel is a perfect romantic icon of the city. We’ll cuddle up inside one of the restored cabins, take a spin and get some of the best views around.viennaferriswheel-1581653

Photo Credit: MaximeF

4. Viennese Waltz. How could we come to the birthplace of the waltz and not catch some of the action? Although I would love, love, love to wheel and turn my way around the dance floor I will have to admit to my complete lack of grace and timing and sit patiently on the sidelines. Besides I have absolutely nothing to wear. viennesewaltz-2838539

Photo Credit: Jeff Tabaco

5. Blue Danube Dinner Cruise. We’ll finish off the evening with dinner and a romantic cruise on the river. We’ll sip wine and enjoy fine Viennese cuisine while listening to the classical music born in the region and watch the sites as we float by. A perfect end to the day.danubecruise-6369959

Photo Credit: roger4336

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