You may remember a few years ago I wrote a number of blog posts as part of a contest for GowithOh. Well, you may have noticed that I didn’t win. I know, I can’t believe it either. In writing about the different destinations, I was seriously thinking about where I would go and what to do there. Dublin remains stuck in my head and I find I keep going back to sites like GowithOh dreaming about the visiting the city. There are always places that just seem to catch me and I can’t seem to shake until I actually get there.

Photo Credit: Hans-Peter Bock

Many of the reasons I had for going to remain the same. One will always stand out especially if you follow any of my Facebook pictures, I love a good pub. I understand that Ireland understands what make for a good pub. Fine beers on tap. Lively music that doesn’t require a stadium to find the right volume. Perhaps a bite of food to do the job of soaking up the excellent beers or a wee tumbler of whiskey. It doesn’t take much research to find a pub in Dublin so it is likely that I will feel right at home.

Photo Credit: Kurisu

If I was a literary type, I might be tempted to follow the Bloom’s Day walks around the city. I have never been able to get into James Joyce’s Ulysses. It would be rather pointless to ruin a good day of touring with something that would not make me happy. Considering an alternative like taking the Guinness brewery tour or the Jameson Whiskey tour and tasting. Now we are talking something that I know about and have read menus extensively on the subjects of both beer and whiskey.

Photo Credit: Joseph Mischyshyn

I know there is more to the city and the people of Dublin that pubs and booze tours. I don’t have such a limited view of the country. In my ongoing dreams about visiting Dublin, it is in a pub that I see myself. I always look happy and I’m sure there is more to it than just a pint or two. I know I will visit and there is a cozy corner that I will fit into perfectly. Until then it is just a happy dream.