“Cheap” is a word that I think is used with some confusion when it comes to travel. Usually companies are trying to tell travellers that they are getting a good price for a superior product. Travellers usually hear that they will be paying less but also getting something substandard. This unfortunately is a disservice to both parties. When you are looking for cheap holidays online on sites such as Holiday Discount Centre, because the budget is tight, you are hoping for a last minute or off season deal. Really this should be labelled as bargain or frugal or lucky because that is really what you are looking for. Me when I hear cheap, I immediately think about someone with alligator arms, too short to reach for their wallet when the bill comes at the pub.

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There is nothing wrong with being on a budget especially when you have time on your side. Finding budget holiday deals is easier when you can be flexible with dates or even destination. If the goal is a quick week getaway for some beach time, then does it really matter if the beach is in Spain, Greece or Turkey? If you are dreaming of sipping ouzo and munching on calamari, then being flexible about which Greek island you plant yourself shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

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Maybe it is a compromise on the ambiance that will be helping out the budget. Does it really matter which seat you are in on the airplane as long as it stays in the air. The economy class is going to arrive at the destination at about the same time as first class and will have flown through the same skies. At the end of the day, is the free cocktail worth the cost of an upgrade? Hanging out with the pretty people in the latest popular night spot for a drink may sound like a good idea but I’m sure you are going to have a more interesting conversation with someone who stops by a dusty roadside shop. If the goal of travel is to get a feel for the country and its people, then I think the second option is better.

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Pampering can be nice. I am a fan of a soft bed and a good meal. Sometimes skipping the 5 star resort for somewhere cozier will leave room in the budget for something truly spectacular like a balloon ride at dawn or extending your holiday by another week. Who doesn’t want to spend a little extra time out of the office.

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