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When you think of coastal locations in Europe, the beaches of southern Italy or France probably spring to mind. With unwavering sunshine and all the familiar hallmarks of a summer holiday, there’s a reason they are still the destination of choice for many.

However, in recent years, a new rival to the beach holiday crown has emerged. With its brutal civil war now a fading memory, Croatia has risen above its troubled past to become one of Europe’s premier coastal attractions; with untold amounts of beauty (both natural and architectural), style and culinary credentials – there are many reasons you should consider it as the starting point for your summertime adventures.

If you’d like an alternative to Europe’s well-trodden beaches, here are our recommendations for the best coastal towns of Croatia…


If you’re thinking of heading to the Croatian peninsula of Istria, you’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful place to stay than Rovinj. A fishing port which is characterised by its old cobbled streets and surrounding hills, it manages to attract a fairly balanced mix of locals hunting out their next catch, and tourists sunning themselves in its hidden bays and coastal crooks. An interesting feature of Rovinj is that is a bilingual town; with both Croatian and Italian commonly spoken, its unique heritage can still be heard on occasion.


Located in Dalmatia, the town of Biograd (translated as “white city”) is at the very heart of the Adriatic. Known for its pristine beaches and tropical pine trees, its almost picture-perfect appearance defies its formerly turbulent past. Now popular for its prolific sailing culture and fine array of restaurants; it’s clean, laid-back and friendly atmosphere is the reason we’re backing it as a resort you should visit in the near future. If you’re thinking of taking our advice, you can get great deals such as 10% off all holidays – Croatia might still be less popular than other parts of Europe, but travel agents seemed to have already cottoned on to its growing allure!


Occasionally, tourism can be detrimental to a location, and Dubrovnik undoubtedly suffers from an overload of holidaymakers during the hotter months. However, even the worst traffic jams in the world cannot take away the shine out of this ancient walled city. Once nicknamed the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’ by Lord Byron, Dubrovnik really is something special; a mixture of carved stone, marbled streets and sparkling blue seas, it’s combination of sixteenth century architecture and modern glamour make it one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. If you’re looking for a cheap flight in the upcoming months, check out MyVoucherCodes for some great deals on European destinations like these.


In stark contrast to Dubrovnik, the smaller town of Zaton remains a largely unsung part of Croatia. Located near the cultural hub of Sibenik, Zaton is particularly well known for its fishing heritage; due to its mix of sea and river water, only specific kinds of fish can be found here, a fact that has always made it popular with boatmen and fishermen. If you’re heading here, make sure you check out the nearby national parks, Kornati and Krka, for some spectacular scenery

Wherever you’re thinking of jetting off to this summer, put the golden coasts of Croatia at the top of your wish list – we think you’ll enjoy far more than just making sandcastles in these beautiful beach-side locations.