The Mediterranean Sea boasts some of the most spectacular water sports, scenery, and adventure that Europe has to offer. The downside of many of these majestic locales however is the overwhelming number of tourists who swarm the beaches and hotels of this otherwise picturesque part of the world. Crowds can ruin any holiday so it’s good to know where to get away from them. The Med is big and there are lots of options for visitors looking to get away from it all – you just have to know where to go.

From Malta to Montenegro to the stunning coastline of Turkey, there are plenty of holiday options that offer respite from the usual crowds and refuge from the hustle of everyday life. Last minute holidays to Malta are a great way to save money and soak up some sun on a stunning Mediterranean island. The burgeoning tourism industry in Montenegro makes it fantastic for adventurous travellers and the Turkish coast is home to some spectacular towns offering a slow pace in food and life.

Gozo, Malta

Getting from Malta’s airport to its ferry terminal takes about 45 minutes by car and from there, Gozo is a quick 30-minute voyage. Gozo is Malta’s second largest island and a popular destination for Maltese locals to flee the main island on weekends for some stunning gold beaches and mouth-watering fresh seafood. With a range of rooms for all types of travellers, Gozo is the perfect getaway from the crowds that frequent Malta proper.

Whether you stay in stunning waterfront accommodation or a quaint farmhouse tucked away in a sleepy corner of the island, getting around is easy. There are car rentals or hop-on hop-off buses that venture to some of the most impressive sites on Gozo. There are ancient temples, great restaurants, deserted beaches and some world-class diving just a 10-minute speedboat ride away. For the perfect Mediterranean holiday free from crowds and standard tourist fare, Gozo is the ultimate island destination.


Touted for its wild and breath-taking scenic beauty, Montenegro is the ideal destinations for travelers looking to venture off the beaten Mediterranean path. The natural wonders of this country come in many forms; from the enchanting Bay of Kotor, once known as the southernmost fjord in Europe, to the rugged interior of the country, Montenegro is full of natural wonder.  

Visitors to this charming country might enjoy spending time along the Riviera with its bustling streets and popular beaches. With a range of delicious and inexpensive restaurants as well as some fantastic nightlife, the Montenegro Riviera is the perfect dose of hustle before or after retreating into the pristine wilderness of the interior. For those interested in a more remote experience, there is a growing network of hiking and cycling trails that venture through the country offering visitors the chance to explore the staggering scenic beauty of this small country before it becomes overrun with tourists.

Urla, Turkey

Urla is one of Turkey’s loveliest spots. Just a 45-minute bus ride from Izmir, this sleepy town keeps a slow pace which makes for the perfect Mediterranean retreat. Bordered by the pristine blue waters of the Aegean and populated with Turkey’s signature olive tree groves, Urla doesn’t attract as many visitors as some of its neighbors which makes it that much more appealing to travelers looking to get away from it all.

Urla’s history is ancient and it is known to be one of the oldest ports in the Aegean sea. Today, the culture is quiet and the town prides itself on being a leader of Turkey’s slow food and organic farming movements. There’s plenty to do in this quiet town including wine tasting, sunbathing, and of course, eating some of the most delicious ethically-prepared food in the entire country. For a taste of Turkey’s past, present and future, Urla is the perfect destination.

Michelle Edwards is currently on a year out, travelling through Europe on her own and occasionally catching up with friends in random locations

Images by Javier Losa and !paco!, used under creative commons license