Epic adventures require personalization. Travellers of all types like to decorate their bags with patches and flags or a little something from home. Sometimes it is just a piece of coloured yarn on the nondescript black suitcase to make it easier to find on the luggage carrousel at the airport. Other times, the bag becomes layered stickers accumulated over many years and locations showing a well travelled life. If you are the caravan or camper type of traveller, your home on wheels deserves some tricking out to make it truly yours. Clicking through an online catalogue like LA Leisure will give tonnes of ideas for raising your ride above the generic masses out there.

Photo Credit: kberberi

Tricking out the ride isn’t always decorative either. Security is something many people think about while travelling. An extra lock on the backpack at a hostel or a security cable for electronics give many people a little extra piece of mind without locking themselves in a vault. Travelling is a balance between feeling secure and being out in the world experiencing something new and different. A caravan with everything you need to get from day to day makes for very comfortable travel and having the things that make it comfortable disappear is particularly disturbing. Adding a few extras on the security front can discourage those with sticky fingers from ruining your day.


Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall

The idea of taking off in a camper for the epic adventure is just good fun by definition. Adding your own brand of whimsy and flair advertises your personality. Things that break up the monotony view on a modern roadway will bring smiles to your fellow travellers. They may only be on the daily commute but your show of individuality and the freedom of the road is more likely to inspire their own flights of fancy. Embellishment as simple as a bumper sticker to a full blown custom paint job and art project are not wasted efforts. A small smirk or requests for photo opportunities will get you noticed and can break the ice with some new friend of the road when you pull in for lunch or petrol. It is like smiling at the whole world as you cruise on by. Make even a quick weekend trip into an epic adventure with some personal flare on display.

Photo Credit: 1lenore

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