Majorca is more than just an island of beautiful beaches, there are a great number of intriguing locations to see. Below we have listed four of the most interesting places to visit during your next trip to Majorca.

Ferrocarril De Sóller


Photo Credit: comcinco

If you are a fan of trains and scenic routes, take a jaunt on the historic Ferrocarril De Sóller. This wooden tram style electric train is as impressive as the journey itself. This service connects Palma de Mallorca and Sóller, and has done since 1912. On your journey you will cross mountains, travel through tunnels, and pass through impressive landscape. The trip takes approximately one hour. You can either take the train to enjoy these two destinations in one day, or if you are staying in Sóller, you can go from here to the Port of Sóller.

Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma


Photo Credit: Mike_fleming

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma is a beautiful gothic cathedral located in Palma, Majorca’s large bustling capital city. The prevalent Antoni Gaudí briefly worked on the restoration of this historic building between 1901 and 1914. The cathedral sports a number of impressive entrances, one of which looks out over the bay of Palma. The structure is 121 metres long, and at its tallest point is over 44 metres tall. This is a great example of Catalan Gothic style, sporting decorative sculptures, gargoyles and intricate spires.

Caves of Drach


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If you have had enough of visiting man made attractions and want to see some of Majorca’s natural beauty, take a trip to the atmospheric Caves of Drach. Located on the east coast of Majorca, the Caves of Drach are thought to be the most impressive on the island. The insides are illuminated and you can either explore the stalactites and stalagmites on foot, or you can take a boat trip along Lake Martel, one of the largest underground lakes in the world. Once you have taken the tour, be sure to visit the souvenir shop in order to buy fantastic prints of the caves.

Castell Del Bellver


Photo Credit: bortescristian

The Castell Del Bellver is an impressive 14th century castle and is considered to be one of the most popular attractions on the island. Architect Pere Salva developed the original round design in 1300, and the castle took a total of 11 years to build. The castle was initially used as such, then became a prison between the 18th and 20th century, and is now a public museum. No matter whether you look up at the castle from the ground, or look out at the city of Palma from the top, Bellver Castle provides excellent views.

A great way to see Marjorca is to combine your trip with one of the many festivals and celebrations that take place on the island, such as the Darrers Dies carnival that takes place on the weekend before the start of Lent. We hope that these suggestions have inspired your next trip to Majorca.