Sport fans in New York

If your little ones have been bitten by the sports bug, they’ll love a trip to NYC. Home of the Yankees, the Mets and the Giants, there’s no shortage of action (and pizza!) of which to grab a slice. Whether baseball, hockey, basketball or football, going to see a big game as a family is almost a rite of passage in the States, so do it in style at one of these, the city’s most famous sports venues.

Madison Square Gardens

This giant, indoor arena is not only home to various monumental sporting events, it’s also the venue for concerts, and has seen legendary performances from Elvis, Michael Jackson and John Lennon, to name just a few names on its incredible roster. The Madison Square Garden also hosts hundreds of sporting events every year, and is home to both the New York Knicks (NBA) and the New York Rangers (NHL). Taking in a basketball or a hockey game as part of such a huge crowd is an exhilarating experience, and should be accompanied by a hot dog, for game-going authenticity.

The Yankee Stadium

There are four baseball teams native to New York, but the kids will probably be interested in either the Yankees or the Mets. For a trip down memory lane, make for the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Here, you can learn about the most famous of the team’s players, Babe Ruth, explore the history of the game in its museum, and take some snapshots. If you do attend a game, don’t leave without buying an iconic, branded Yankees baseball cap as memento of your stay.

Icahn Stadium

This modern athletics arena was only built in 2005, but already it has hosted stellar athletes like Usain Bolt. Seating 5000 people, it may not have the scale of Madison Square Gardens, but its track is one of the fastest in the world. The stadium runs a number of inspirational youth initiatives; including an after school track and field program established by Jesse Owens designed to teach kids the fundamentals of athletics, while inspiring the local community.

Harlem Globetrotters

Known for their family friendly, clean performances, these skilled showmen and women are guaranteed to get the kids grinning, so if the Globetrotters are in town when you’re in NYC, seize the chance to see one of their unmissable performance games. Watch Moose, Cheese and the rest of the team perform trick shots and slam dunks, and to extend the experience, book the kids into one of their hugely popular training sessions. They’ll spend two hours learning about basketball with their sporting heroes, before being given the chance to have a picture taken and get some signed merchandise from the team.