This is a post in support of the #Blog4NZ campaign; a message to the world that, despite the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand is open for business and can still show you a good time! The damage is localized, the spirit is intact and the beauty is unmarred…all they need is you!

When I was a girl my Aunt and Uncle, along with my two cousins, moved from England to New Zealand. This was a time well before email and internet so I remember hand written letters, on AirMail paper, sometimes with photos enclosed.

I don’t know what my Mom reported back to them about our life in Canada but I remember hearing about their pet sheep (whose name escapes me now) and how they had enjoyed strawberries and cream at the beach on Christmas day.

It all seemed so exotic and fun and I wondered why my parents had chosen to immigrate to boring old Canada rather than the obviously much more exciting New Zealand. Being young families we never had the opportunity to visit them in their new home down under before they, too, moved to boring old Canada. Bummer.

Although I still haven’t visited I have a good idea of the things I would do and the places I would see when I do get there. In a country with relatively few people, and plenty of sheep, there is lots of room for adventure. Here are some of the ideas I have:

  • Mountain biking. Friends from home took their bikes with them last year when they visited. They reported that the mountain biking was fabulous and easily accessible. It’s easy to rent a bike once there – you don’t need to take your own!
  • Camping. I’ve lost count of all the blog posts I’ve read of people hiring camper vans and finding their way across the country. Being able to pull over and set up camp, or enjoy one of the many formal campsites is a great way to see the country.
  • Tramping. No, not like we use the word tramp! Hiking, people…hiking! With great moutain vistas and blue, blue lakes, the tramping in New Zealand is fabulous.
  • Bungy. Ok, time for some real adventure. I have never actually jumped off anything never mind a bridge over a canyon but you could…if you wanted to…okay, I don’t really want to.
  • Canyon Swing. I know, sounds crazy. Like a bungy but, instead of a gravity fed freefall, you are launched across the canyon…yeah, probably not for me either.
  • Zorbing. Now this looks like fun!! On a hill, in a double walled ball…and Go! Giggle inducing just thinking about it.

And that list doesn’t even touch on all the fantastic sightseeing that you can do. From the geothermal waters of Rotorua to Milford Sound; the Moeraki boulders or the site of the Lord Of The Rings movies; ocean vistas and mountain views. There is something for everyone here.

New Zealand is open for business and invites you to come visit soon!

Earthquakes are a reality in my part of the world too and we all often wonder what would happen here if/when The Big One comes. We look to countries such as New Zealand to see how they manage and to adjust our own preparations. They are proving to be a great example.

New Zealand is on it’s way to rebuilding itself and, with our help, will soon be bustling with tourists again.

The more recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan is even more heartwrenching and will take longer to recover from. My heart goes out to those in Japan and to those of you that have family there. I believe that any small bit can help and encourage financial donations to an organization such as the Red Cross who help victims of disasters find their way again. ToddsWanderings just posted How To Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Survivors; a list of local Japanese organizations dedicated to helping Japan recover.