Hi! I wanted to be here to welcome all of you who arrive after reading the Round the World Travel Budgets Revealed article on Boots’n’All!

I’m on a little hiatus right now as I spend time with my family after the passing of my father but I’m glad that you came over and wanted to be sure to point you to some of the resources that might help you plan your own trip.

This section on RTW Planning has all the posts we wrote before we left and covers most of the pieces that you should be thinking about.

The Budget section is very good and includes some articles I wrote when we returned detailing specific budgeting tips around what we did before we left and as we traveled.

My budget spreadsheet shows every cent we spent as we traveled. It is my number one budgeting tip for traveling – track what you spend! It doesn’t have to be this detailed but you should know where it’s all going so you don’t run out of money too soon or say no to things that maybe you can afford.

The section containing posts we wrote as we traveled is my favorite, of course, as I can read through it and remember all the fabulous times we had. It was also always my favorite section of blogs I read as I prepared to travel; I loved to imagine myself out there, on the road, and lived vicariously through many, many bloggers before we finally did it ourselves. I hope you find some inspiration in our stories.

The Coming Home section was really important for me to write. I found that not many people continued to write after returning home and I wan’t sure what it was going to look like for me. I wrote for a year about how I felt as time went by after the trip. It was an interesting evolution and I can tell you that it continues. I think about travel all the time and am looking forward to the next step in our Responsibly Irresponsible plan.

I’m excited that you must be thinking of a big trip of your own – I can tell you that deciding to go was the hardest part of the whole thing and that it is one of the best things I have done in my entire life! You won’t regret one single minute!!

I would love if you would comment below and tell me your plans so that I can live vicariously through you now!!

You can also connect with me on the OneGiantStep Facebook Page (give us a ‘like’!), on Twitter (find me @OneGiantStep) or shoot me an email ([email protected]).

Happy travels!!