People that travel like to say how we are all the same, it doesn’t matter where we are from, we all want the same things. I’ve even said it a more than a few times. While the people are all the same, not everything is the same. There are a few obvious ones like money, language and food change from country to country. Signalling with your fingers can get you into mess of trouble with the locals depending on how and which fingers you wag at them.


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Most of these can be overcome. It usually takes a little patience, being humble and sometime accepting that the thing you want really badly is just not going to happen today and you should get over it. It is not like where you are from so let it go and find out what it is like where you are. That is the point to travelling places that aren’t familiar. Then there are some things that require a little planning. Trying to plug something in to an electrical socket in another land may just not fit at best or completely fry your favourite toy at worse. It is a good idea to get to know your Brazil Travel Adapter from your Brazilian Wax.


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Using electricity away from home is more than just finding the right pegs for their holes. Some of the world works on 120 Volts and the other works on 240 Volts. In the past lugging something from the 120 world into a 240 outlet will leave you with anything from a blown fuse to a shock or even a fire. Things just don’t really work the other way around. You are going to need a some extra gear like a transformer to make things work for you without burning down the guesthouse. Things aren’t so dire anymore. Many of electronics like computers can actually handle the full range from 110 to 260 but don’t assume anything. Have a look at your power adapter. It will tell you what the power rating. If you can find it, don’t hope for the best because this can seriously hurt you if you get it wrong. Campfires on holidays are good, hotel fires on holidays are bad, especially if you start them.


Photo Credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery