We may be long term travellers and serial expats but that doesn’t mean we think everyone should be. I am the first to realize we are all motivated by different things in our lives. Those different priorities are what makes it interesting to meet and talk to different people. Otherwise we would all be the same and I know I get tired of talking and agreeing with myself all the time. I like it when someone else agrees with me for a change. But I digress, the point is we all have different styles and goals for travel and holidays. While these terms should be interchangeable, they are not for many people. Travel is often something done for work or out of necessity. Holidays are the escape, the chance to let loose and forget about responsibilities for a little while.


Photo Credit: Anne Ruthmann

For most people this is anywhere from a few days in Vegas or at the ski hill to a few weeks touring classic cities or completely unplugging at resort retreat in a personal paradise. Whatever is necessary to get that much needed break. Holidays are the thing that we all look forward to and the thing that gets us through some of life’s rougher patches. Even in a life of travel we take holidays from the continuous movement and dealing with the unfamiliar.


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Finding that happy holiday or travel joy is not always easy. The choices are overwhelming for many people. Just a quick look at a holiday provider like Thomas Cook can be enough for some people to become paralyzed with too many choices of fantastic destinations. There are a few things to do that will get you from endless surfing to finding just the right fit without worrying there might be something better hiding at the next link or search term. For starters, you need to know what will make you happy for your much deserved time away. Is it a weekend of debauchery? Then stop looking at spas in Costa Rica. Passionate about getting the perfect tan? Why are you looking at anything other than destinations with a beach and a pool, trust me it is better with both options.


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Then start getting the list of what is necessary for your holidays to be happy straightened out. Travelling with a golfer? You will have no peace if that is your goal and there isn’t at least a couple of manicured greens nearby for their getaway from you. The biggest item on your list to have agreement about before you start is the money question. Very few people can say that there is no limit to what they can spend because there is always something more expensive to charge up on the credit cards. When you have the basics down as to what is necessary it is time to go to your favourite holiday booker and find something that has everything necessary including the right price. A small note of caution, don’t make it a bucket list unless you really don’t care about the budget. Once you find the holiday that meet everything on your list, stop looking. You have everything that will make your happy, looking more will make you unhappy so just stop and start getting the perfect vacation outfits packed.