Travel is about the memories you bring back. It shouldn’t be about the scars acquired during your adventures. Sure chicks may dig guys with a scar but that isn’t a reason to put yourself in harms way when you walk out the door. That doesn’t mean wrapping yourself in bubble wrap and hiding in the hotel room either. Just top off your packing list with some piece of mind for your mother by popping over to Southern Cross Travel Insurance and make sure you are covered in case of an emergency.


Photo Credit: erin_everlasting

Even more important than having an adventure or two while away is to make sure you get back, even if it is with a scar. Some self-appointed adventurers claim there is no need for travel insurance because health care is cheap in other countries. Just bank the extra dollars and you will be able to buy whatever you need. From my experience that works fine for a little travellers’ belly or a minor cut. I’ve headed to the pharmacy in Thailand more than once to get a quick antibiotic fix. That’s not what travellers medical insurance is for anyways. No one runs to the hospital emergency department for a blister from hiking in a new pair of boots. It is for the worst case stuff. Flames, twisted metal and months in the hospital.


Photo Credit: Laurel Fan

It isn’t like everyone has an appointment scheduled for catastrophe at some point in their life. These things are called accidents for a reason, you don’t see them coming. No one plans on mountain biking into a tree, it just happens sometimes. Ripping around an island resort on a scooter is great fun until there is a patch of sand just around the corner. Next thing you know that beautiful new tattoo has been shredded by a combination of gravel, sand and some mystery roadside garbage. Just walking it off may not work so well when walking isn’t going to happen. There is no need to be that guy or girl at the bar in a couple nights surveying the crowd with the question, “Does this look infected to you?” because you can’t afford a trip to the hospital. Just get a little insurance top up before you leave and make you mom happy.


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