I read a fabulous post this week on WaitButWhy.com about why procrastinators procrastinate. It is, by far, the best, funniest, most accurate account of procrastination I have ever read. Go ahead and read it; no, it’s not procrastination if I ask you to read it.

 Why Procrastinators Procrastinate


There’s a follow up post about how to beat procrastination that is just as funny and incredibly helpful for those of you who suffer along with me.

The post resonated so much with me that I took to naming my Instant Gratification Monkey. He be named Howard. And then Howard and I spent a good hour in the Dark Playground sketching out our future path through the Dark Woods past the Tipping Point to the Happy Playground where we chatted endlessly about all the fun and games we would have there after all our work was done.

You know when you’ve read something that will revolutionize how you move forward? Yeah, that. Procrastination has harangued me forever. I have battled it, tried to work with it, resolved against it, resigned myself to it, and tried to ignore it for as long as I can remember.

Working for myself has seemingly only made it worse. I work to deadlines really well; except that now the only deadlines set are my own. I am also a fabulous rationalizer. As in ‘oh well, I can just do that next week instead, no one will notice and besides this is far more important to work on.’ Deadline avoided and Howard and I are free to frolic in the Dark Playground for as long as we like.

Which brings to my point of writing today. I’m….ummmm…writing a book. I have been for a while. Months in fact.

It truly shouldn’t have taken this long and I’m embarrassed that it has. I should have told you about it but I was busy in the Dark Playground and didn’t know when it was going to be finished.  I didn’t want to set a deadline and then not bother with it miss it, so I didn’t set one at all until last week when I realized it’s been languishing long enough and I should just get it done.

Meeting Howard made me realize that I need to make the deadline public so that I am accountable to someone other than the Instant Gratification Monkey that apparently rules my life.

My book is How To Find The Perfect Vacation Rental. It is for those who don’t already know how to take advantage of the network of vacation rentals now available on the market. Many people don’t know what is available, aren’t familiar with which vacation rental websites to use, and are overwhelmed by the searching and selection process.

cover_500-7360558In it I explain what a vacation rental is and who they are best suited for. I honestly state what the benefits and drawbacks are and include a cost comparison case study to show the financial value of vacation rentals. The bulk of the book, though, is written to combat the feeling of overwhelm that people face when searching for a property. I break down the criteria selection process, compare vacation rental websites, compile a list of questions to ask, and walk the reader through the exact process we use to find and enjoy vacation rentals around the world.

I am sure that it will help all travellers to find the perfect vacation rental for them.

My goal is to publish on the Amazon Kindle platform this week. I’ll be back next week to tell you all the launch details, give you a sneak peak into the book, and let you know how you can help me (and Howard) out.

So, now you know, and I have a deadline. I better get to it.