Corfu has a huge and colourful history for such a small island. The island has been inhabited since the 1300’s and has prospered ever since. This is just one reason so many tourists choose to visit the beautiful Greek island of Corfu.

In ancient times the island of Corfu was a huge commercial centre for inhabitants due to the large amount of trading that went on within the sea. Visitors can still visit some of the ancient island with many of the ancient temples being preserved for tourists to learn from.

However, more recently Corfu has become a huge tourist island that is full of holiday makers during the summer. The charming town of Corfu is the main port of the entire island along with being one of the most impressive cities in the whole of Greece.

The town itself has around 30,000 inhabitants and is jam-packed full of some of the most elegant buildings in the world. If you love sightseeing, the stunning monuments are definitely worth a visit.

But, if you are interested in the nature side of the island, then fear not – there is plenty to see. The minute you arrive in Corfu from your flight with Condor, you will realise you are in one of the largest nature reserves in the world. In reality the entire island could be named a nature park due the amount of places you can visit and witness such beauty.


When visiting an island, it is important to ensure there is plenty to do both during the day and in the evenings. Therefore it is vital there is some form of entertainment readily available. Corfu has turned into a huge playground for both the young and old due to its ability to combine nature, beauty and culture.

In Corfu there are a number of bars, clubs and restaurants where you can try their traditional cuisine or stick to the traditional English one.

However, if you have chosen to go to Corfu based on the tan you would like to receive; there are plenty of beaches for you to choose from. This Greek island is renowned for its pristine waters and beautiful weather which is guaranteed to make this the perfect destination for all Brits.