Now that we are settling in Granada, Nicaragua for the foreseeable future, it is time to start thinking about the neighbourhood. Just because we are settled in doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to see other places in Central America. This isn’t like declaring boyfriend-girlfriend exclusivity. Our relationship with Granada is more open than that. Besides some of it isn’t by choice. We are only allowed to stay in the C4 visa zone for 3 months before we do a border run. It only makes sense that we check out the neighbours because be are require by law. Always happy to play by the rules. Costa Rica is our closest neighbour here. El Salvador and Honduras are both members of the C4 zone and won’t work for visa renewal.


Photo Credit: tiffini

Not every visa run should be a jump across the border and back. Taking some time to check out the country is high on the list of things to do. For some people flying in on vacation, the experience may be an exercise in cramming as much nature, beach, and adventure into the week as possible. For the remainder of us, sliding into a more relaxed engagement with the beauty of Costa Rica looks more like the trips to Costa Rica with There are opportunities to soak in the natural wonders, hit the beach for some sand and surf, and still get an adrenaline rush.


Photo Credit: David Berkowitz

One just can’t get enough of volcanos in Nicaragua or Guatemala, so it is a natural fit for us to check out what the earth has thrust up in Costa Rica. It probably means an early morning or middle of the night start and spectacular views from and around the Arenal Volcano. You know, because vol-ca-nos, bit of a no brainer that one. We are not a one note band. There is more to us than just volcanos, can’t say that word enough. It has been a few months now since we left the ocean behind and a little beach action will be in our future. I highly recommend it if you are coming from one of those currently frozen northern countries. You may not be acclimatized to a steady day time temperature of 30 degrees like us and a dip in the water will do you good.


Photo Credit: akasped

We are definitely fans of mountains and beaches but other people will be interested in the jungle parts in Costa Rica. The country has a place for everyone to enjoy. Two oceans, mountains, and incredibly diverse number of ecosystems in between. As a country recognized for being on the forefront of eco-tourism and the preservation of wild areas, Costa Rica is not a destination that was better back in the day. This is country that has taken steps to be in prime condition for future generations as much as now.


Photo Credit: lyng883