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You don’t have to leave Sydney or Melbourne to enjoy all the perks of Australian beach life. Although hotspots like Manly or Bondi Beach offer no shortage of excitement and the opportunity to people-watch, sometimes you just want to get away from it all and find your own private stretch of sand. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options in Australia, from secluded island getaways to surfing destinations a little bit off the beaten path. The following are a few of the most rewarding getaways to take a dip and soak in the sun, without the crowds.

Murray’s Beach, Jervis Bay, NSW

Surrounded by the isolated Booderee National Park, Murray’s Beach is known for its crystalline turquoise waters, powdery white sands, and native little penguins. To get to this quiet spot, you can drive down Jervis Bay Road and then walk a short bush track down to the beach. The water is warm and ideal for swimming, or you could use the nearby boat ramp to spend a day out on the placid water.

Stokes Bay, Kangaroo Island, SA

With an abundance of wildlife and swerving trails just made for sports cars or motorcycles, Kangaroo Island has a number of beaches to choose from. Hop on one of these Kawasaki bikes on bikesales.com.au and take a cruise around the winding north coast bay, before you reach the quiet and serene Stokes Bay. This white sandy beach is surrounded by imposing rocky cliffs, which keeps many beachgoers away and provides protection from the surf. As a result, this is a top spot for families and bikers alike due to its quiet waters and pleasant surroundings.

Southern Ocean Beach, SA

Located to the southeast of Adelaide in Coorong National Park, Southern Ocean Beach does take a bit of time and effort to get to. It’s surrounded by wetlands, so you’ll need a vehicle capable of off-roading to make your way across the lagoons of the beach. There are no facilities found here either, so you very well could be on your own. This is a good thing, because it will leave you the peace and quiet to spot hundreds of unique bird species and wildlife, while admiring the shifting colours of the dunes as the sun rises and sets.

75-Mile Beach, Fraser Island, QLD

Another top spot for off-roaders, the 75-mile beach on Fraser Island is one of the world’s longest, as its name suggests. It’s a popular beach, but due to its size it’s very easy to find your own mile to get away from it all. Located on the western side of the island, the beach looks out onto the Pacific Ocean and is open for camping should you fall in love with the view and choose to stay awhile.

Bremer Island, Arnhem Land, NT

Sit back and relax on the soft and shady sands of Bremer Island. You’ll find a beach shack to provide refreshments, and very few other tourists to contend with to spoil your relaxation time. Keep your eye out for the sea turtles, who take up the beach during nesting season each year. The sight of baby turtles making their way into the water is a magical site that you won’t want to miss.

When you’re ready to take a break from Australia’s more cosmopolitan beaches, you’ll find any of these remote seaside retreats to be the perfect getaway.