All of us dream of a vacation where you can forget about money and stay in ultimate luxury but very few get the opportunity to do so. If you’re looking for a perfect getaway for you or for the whole family then here is the list of some of the most luxurious places to stay in the world, where money is no object…

The Savoy, Moscow

Russia is very easy to see on the map since it covers such a wide area and this translates to a lot of tourist spots perfect for you and the whole family in the whole country and also in Moscow. The legend of Russian hospitality is still alive. Moreover, the Savoy Hotel was built around 1913 which provided the accommodations of the people during the post-War Soviet Union. Although, the Savoy Hotel in Moscow only has 67 guestrooms the quality of service and comfort compete with any international challengers. The hotel has facilities and amenities suited for your comfort for a dream stay in pure luxury. Book with Russia specialists Exeter International.

Astra Suites, Santorini

Greece is well known for their myths and legends that got us captivating and hanging by word. But the interesting fact about Santorini islands is that the place is surrounded by active volcanos and the only volcanoes with craters in the sea. A sought after place for a romantic getaway, the island is the top destination for weddings because of its magnificent view. Astra Suites is recognized the best hotel in Greece by many magazines. You must try to dip in their infinity pool while looking at a sunset or at the sleeping volcano known as caldera. Your eyes will be full of the endless blue Aegean Sea.

Claridges, London

Every girl’s dream is to meet a man with a British accent and yes there are lots in United Kingdom. London is a place full of history and if you visit here, not only your eyes will enjoy it but also your mind as you learn more additional information about the place. A luxury hotel in Mayfair, Claridge’s in London is one of the best, with true a 5-star service. You can book events and meetings with a luxurious feel or packages to make your stay in London unforgettable. Find out more on their website.

Atlantis Paradise, the Bahamas

The Atlantis Paradise Island is a perfect get-away and truly a paradise on Earth. You will never get bored with the different activities here. You can enjoy the sun, play golf, eat a classy dinner, play in the casino, you name it. But the best part is the Atlantis Water Adventures where you can snorkel, explore a shipwreck, visit the aquarium and swim swim swim. You also must not miss the Dolphin Cay wherein you can touch and meet the dolphin itself. You might want to take a selfie with them! Visit

Overwater Bungalows in the Maldives

The perfect destination for a honeymoon is in an overwater bungalow. Not only for couples but perfect for everyone who wishes to get sun kissed with salt and sand in their hair. Not to mention the crystal blue water. You can engage in water sports since they offer varied activities for your fun and enjoyment. Or dive and witness the beauty of the place as you swim with the different kinds of fishes. Overwater bungalow in the Maldives a pure picture of true luxury. See every one that exists here.

Palms Resort, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its 24/7 open casino all across the globe. So drop by at Palms Casino Resort which is popular with teens and celebrities. This is not only a casino but they have a concert hall and night clubs. And when the sun sets, the resort ignites with its roaring casino machines and music from the clubs. The place offers one of a kind nightlife venues. A 40-storey Fantasy Tower is also one of the prides of the hotel. There are suites as well for you and your family to stay in and sky high restaurants that will give a panoramic view of the city.

Bulgari Hotel, Bali

Asia has beaches that offer tranquility and peace. Bali is a quiet gem but the largest destination in Indonesia. A combination of ravenous mountains and beach is what Bali is all about. The place is part of the Coral Triangle, the highest area with rich marine biodiversity. Bali’s islands have been featured in magazines all throughout the world as some of the best in the world. There are volcanoes in the area and rice fields too. Travel around the island and interact with the locals to learn more about their culture and history. Then stay in the Bulgari Hotel for pure luxury –

If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of money then the places above should undoubtedly be on your list for a dream break. If you don’t then it’s time to get saving!