The term ‘stay-cation’ is one that has been bandied around considerably in recent years and it is easy to see why as more and more families decide against the expensive week or two weeks abroad every summer and instead plump for a holiday right here in the UK.

With the cost of holidays abroad rising year on year, the popularity of UK holiday resorts has been on the rise, with an increasing number of families investing in a caravan and opting to stay on one of the hundreds of sites located up and down the country.

The Caravan Company, one of the UK’s leading stockists of new and used caravans, explore below exactly what makes caravans such a great holiday option and the flexibility they provide;

Different Locations- One Trip

Who says you have to restrict yourself to the one location on your caravan holiday? Unlike a hotel stay where you generally don’t have as much flexibility, with your caravan you can travel to numerous locations across the area to take in so much more on your time away.

It’s quick and easy to relocate and then set up again, so there’s nothing stopping you moving one from camp site to another after a couple of days in one location.

This is a great way of keeping things fresh, especially important if you have children with you, and offers the opportunity to take in numerous activities and attractions in various locations throughout the duration of your week or two weeks away.

Fun Come Rain or Shine

Whilst a holiday in the UK doesn’t necessarily guarantee you the good weather you’d be more likely to find abroad, a caravan holiday ensures you can have fun come rain or shine. In the sunny weather, the caravan acts a base where you can get ready in the morning before heading off to enjoy the sun down on the beach or at a nearby attraction.

On the flip side of this, the caravan acts as your shelter when the weather turns for the worse and you can spend time as a family relaxing, reading and playing games until the weather clears up. This home from home environment is very difficult to replicate in alternative holiday accommodation, and the flexibility to turn from a simple base to explore to a place to shelter and relax is unmatched.

Head Home Early in the Event of Emergencies

An emergency is unplanned and unexpected, and if you are thousands of miles away on a sunshine break, getting back home to deal with that emergency situation is going to be difficult and, most probably, incredibly expensive.