There are always a few things that are considered essential accessories when traveling. Some people need things like a taste from home that is hard to find at the destination. Depending on where you originate it might be peanut butter or marmite. For other people they can not leave home without a little talisman for luck or memory or because they are terribly camera shy. You know the people who have something other than themselves in all of their Facebook feeds as if the object is doing the active travel and the people don’t exist. I don’t suffer from those weird and boarding on crazy essential needs. I am much more sensible, I need pockets.


Photo Credit: andyi

Not on my clothing though. My bags require pockets. A backpack without neat little places to tuck stuff away is of no use to me. How does one even think to stay organized like that? Walking around bags are the same. No pockets on the bag and you might as well be carrying a plastic grocery sack. Pavers online boutique has exactly what I’m talking about. Stylish and plenty of little nooks to have all of my walking around supplies organized.


Photo Credit: Pavers

Need to carry a little snack, there is a pocket for that. Bottle of water, check, that would be over here. A few tissues just in case, well look at that, right where I left them and not mingled with a dusting of snack crumble because they all have their own little home. Ask one of those cargo pant or short wearing boys over there to carry something for you and there is no telling what is going to get pulled out of the same pocket. Half eaten sandwiches in the same bottomless hole as the camera, sunscreen and a bottle of lager. That is just not the way to travel if you believe that opposable thumbs should confer an elevated demeanour.


Photo Credit: Namlhots