mediterranean-6926861The Mediterranean is a popular area for taking a vacation, with the countries that are worth visiting stretching from Spain and Morocco in the west to Turkey and Egypt in the east. Many people planning a trip to the region want to visit more than one country and there are a few ways to travel around. The following are some of the common options for doing this.


This is one of the more popular options for traveling around the Mediterranean on a vacation. A cruise is a luxurious way to take in a few destinations, with most trips sailing either the western or the eastern Mediterranean Sea. A trip around the western area will visit countries such as Spain, France, and Italy, while an eastern Mediterranean cruise can have ports of call in Croatia, Turkey, Israel, and Greece. This provides the opportunity to take in some historic and beautiful places, with the trip between them on the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea being a relaxing experience.


If your preference is to get between destinations in a quicker time, flying is an option to consider these days. The growth of the budget airline market in Europe means that taking flights between destinations in the Mediterranean can be done for a relatively cheap cost. There are a number of carriers to choose from, with Norwegian, Easy Jet, German wings, and many others traveling to airports across the region. This makes it relatively simple to plan a trip that takes in a few countries.

Bus Tour

There are plenty of companies offering bus tours around the Mediterranean. While some of these will travel to destinations in a single country, others will cross borders to take in the highlights of two or more countries. Touring by road allows those on a vacation to enjoy the sights as they travel and many tours have a guide that will provide interesting information about the places passing by. Stops along the way are also long enough to allow those taking a tour to enjoy the attractions of a town or city.

Road Trip

If your preference is to have a little more freedom of choice when traveling the highways around the Mediterranean, a road trip may be a better choice for a vacation. When hiring a vehicle for this, make sure to have excess insurancein place. This will cover you for all eventualities and let you relax to just enjoy the trip. The simplest option is to take in the attractions along a scenic route in one country. However, the more adventurous can set off across the region to see how many countries they can fit into a road trip.

The countries of the Mediterranean are some of the most visited around the world. There are so many to choose from that anyone should be able to plan a vacation they will enjoy. If you intend to travel around the region, it is possible to do so by land, sea, and air. Just take your pick of the one that suits you best and set off for a fun adventure.