I’m embarrassed to admit that I know next-to-nothing about Prague. Other than it sounds all ‘old-worldy’ and must be filled with all kinds of great architecture. I imagine foggy street-scapes, imposing town squares and church spires. I actually had to look up which country it’s in. Embarrassing. (The Czech Republic…I’ll save you the time…’cause you were going to look it up too…right?)


See…like this. All ‘old-worldy’ and foggy.

Photo Credit: kiwi vic

Turns out it is all old-worldy and filled with great architecture. And of course I already knew that Czech beer is some of the best in the world so, that seals it, I have to go!

Our first stop would take a care of the ‘old worldy architecture’ and ‘great beer’ part of the tour:

Dating back to the 9th century the Prague Castle definitely falls in the category of ‘old’ and its history of occupation, liberation, and habitation qualifies it as ‘worldy’. A tour of this castle and its varying architecture styles would surely work up a thirst.


Photo Credit: Sam and Ian

Which is good because the Strahov Monastic Brewery is just down the road. With its own history dating to the 17th century and a tasty St. Norberts Ale it would be the perfect place to finish off the day.


Photo Credit: Al S

It’s not the Eiffel Tower (because then we’d be in Paris wouldn’t we?) but the Petrin Lookout Tower is worth a visit for the incredible views of the city from the top. The best part is that there is a funicular we can ride to the top in case we had too many beers the night before. I love funiculars because it’s always much easier to ride to the top of a hill rather than walking and because it has FUN in its name – how could you not love them!?

petrin-tower-6231279Photo Credit: Vlastula

The giant Metronome may not be as historied as other parts of Prague but it definitely fits the quirky and cool factors on the list of things to visit. I love public art and the weirder the better. What could be weirder than a giant music counting machine?

metronome-4224511Photo Credit: http: macskafarok

And if we’re going to be keeping time then we should visit the Astronomical Clock to watch the march of Christ and his disciples every hour. I wonder if all twelve march every hour or if only the correct number per hour march? I’ll let you know!

prague-astronomical-clock-3315500Photo Credit: kainet

go-with-oh-badge-150x150-6360878So I was serious when I said that I knew nothing about Prague but, after researching it a bit to see what I would get up to, I can say that Prague is definitely on my list whether I am the next ‘Go With Oh’ guest blogger or not.

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