Travel blogs usually focus on the happy or crazy adventures. Sometimes there might be social media gloating with fabulous beach picture while the folks back home shovel snow. Let’s face it, people don’t want to read tedious stories without some form of entertainment. Even the disaster stories can grip an audience because we all have a bit of voyeurism in us. Don’t worry, it’s normal so we can learn from other people’s mistakes rather than have to experience every painful thing before we get a clue. That is why sometimes there are big gaps for traveller who write. Nothing really fun or disastrous is happening. As the writer, I don’t feel inspired to write about how I spend most of my days lately working on things that aren’t particularly entertaining or travel-y.


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It is the flip side of long term travelling. Most of us aren’t doing this on savings or a trust fund. Most of us got the long term travel bug by saving for an extended trip and then tried to find a way to keep travelling by making money on the road. That is right, in spite of the glamorous Instagram and Facebook feeds, most semi-permanent travels have jobs. We actually spend most of our time working. The bonus is that we are working in exotic locations. Often on craptastic internet connections or from a coffee shop but it is still work.


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This is not a complaint, just a heads up as to why there isn’t much going on with travel blogs some days or weeks. If there wasn’t work to get done, then travelling would be like drinking without a hangover, all fun now and no need to pay later. For the working traveller, it is more like drinking with a hangover. The fun of travel comes at a cost. I have to admit, it is better than having a hangover without at least getting the fun from a night of over indulgence. Rest assured, this is just one of those points in time where there just isn’t anything share. You aren’t missing out, we aren’t secretly having fun or going to surprise everyone with a big revelation. It is just the regular day to day stuff. Nothing to see here folks.

Don’t worry, fun will come back and there will things to write about. Otherwise, why would I bother with being away from the old country. As I sit on the patio in February, in shorts and a t-shirt, sipping a very cold, very inexpensive beer. I’m sure your work conditions are much more comfortable.


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