I’m not one to whinge about every little bump and bruise. I’m more of the rub dirt in it and walk it off school of minor injury. Beyond minor injury I think I have made it clear that emergency travel medical insurance is a necessity. We have not needed to use it but there are many who have and have written well about emergencies. In between these extremes is an essential piece of kit for any traveler, the basic first aid kit. The ability to wash up a scrap with soap and water isn’t so easy when on a day hike whether it is in the highlands or a Thai jungle. Carrying a few basics keeps unpleasant infections at bay.


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While knee plasters and a little ointment is good for a walkabout, having a PHARMACY AT HAND is useful for longer travel. While many places in the world have easy access to basic medication like antibiotics and painkillers, sometimes it is good to be off the beaten track where finding even the basics like a shot of whiskey can be hard to come by. These are the times when a little something for the tummy, a tab or two for allergic reactions and a vat of general painkillers is more than just a nice to have.


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We keep an easy to pack light weight pouch of goodies with us on trips. Even when we head off for a day hike we through it into the day bag because it takes up very little room and it is the close at hand insurance. So what is in the bag? The cuts and scraps category is covered by a good stash of general plasters, some alcohol wipes, a few larger gauze pads, medical tape, a pair of tweezers and scissors. For pills we have a selection of calm the tummy drugs, antihistamines for allergies and that big vat of anti-inflammatory tabs. Depending on how easy it is to get antibiotics where we are heading, we may get a general script filled at home for a good broad spectrum antibiotic. Most physicians are able to provide the prescription when they know that you are planning to travel. There isn’t much else needed unless you are taking medication for a chronic illness and I hope it is safe to assume you know how to manage it or have consulted with your doctor. When all else fails, a few shots of clean alcohol should get you through to serious medical attention.


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