One of the first things I did after we came up with this crazy sell our house and car-put our jobs on hold-store all our stuff and travel the world for a year idea was to search the web to find other people who were doing the same thing to prove that we weren’t that crazy.

That’s how I ‘met’ Christine. She was a little farther ahead of me in her plan to ‘Quit your job. Travel the world.’ and I liked her temerity, her honesty and her move forward attitude. She encouraged me in those early days, and I like to think that I encouraged her too.

Now she is a successful ‘digital nomad’, making a living remotely as she writes about her experiences and shares advice, tips and stories of her travels and her move from corporate hack to freelance author. She is an example of how we are all One Giant Step from making our dreams come true and she inspires me to keep reaching beyond my comfort zone.

Today, I am super excited to have a guest post on her blog AlmostFearless. While you’re over there checking out my Travel Days post, have a look around – Christine writes for more than just the traveler and has plenty of good advice to help you ‘Redesign Your Life’.