p1000795_2-224x300-4090368Okay, I’m scared.  

Our place has been on the market for coming on three months, and not a nibble to be had. At first I thought our price was too high, so we dropped it.  And then we dropped it again. Then I thought that buyers were just waiting it out, seeing what our southern neighbors were doing, and then they would return. And now the stock market is crashing…and continues to crash. 

I know we’re not the only ones feeling like this bumpy ride might affect our plans. A number of blogs I follow have already asked the question. At the end of September, Christine from AlmostFearless wrote about whether traveling now was a good idea. I agree with all her points and, once we’re on the road, I believe that it will be a good place to be from an economic standpoint. Anil from foXnoMad came up with some interesting ways to consider funding, and even referenced us as inspiration! I fear I am not acting very inspirational lately as I tremble and wonder if our plans are in jeopardy.

J and I have talked a lot about what this might mean for us. We’re trying to brainstorm how we can weather this storm and still manage to take the step. 

  • We could go for less time.
  • We could go to less countries.
  • We could stay longer in the less expensive countries.
  • We could consider couch-surfing.
  • We could each get a second job.
  • We could tighten our belts and save more.
  • We could work while on the road.

Not going is not an option. It just might not look exactly as we had thought – but then what plans ever work out exactly as planned?