This week isn’t about looking back but about looking forward.

OneGiantStep is going to Japan!!

Japan was to be the final country in our RTW trip but, as we headed into South East Asia, we knew that our budget was just not going to stretch far enough for us to really do it justice. Japan is expensive; there is no way around it and we wanted to be able to enjoy it and not worry too much about what it was costing. We decided to drop it but agreed that Japan would be the first place we visit post RTW.

It’s time! Besides saving money for our Responsibly Irresponsible plan, we have also been saving for a Japan trip. In fact, it’s mostly ‘found’ money; coins we collect from our pockets every evening, some mileage expense money we get from our jobs, birthday money, a little bit from OneGiantStep…any ‘extra’ money that comes our way has been curried away into the OneGiantStep Goes To Japan fund. Yes, it’s actually named that at the bank.

I am beyond excited. I’ve been poring over guidebooks, staying up late reading blog posts, and bookmarking and ‘pinning‘ everything I can find. The plan is for September; so there’s some time but just the thought of traveling again makes me dizzy!

Have you been to Japan? I’m looking for recommendations…what did you do that worked? What didn’t work? Any must-sees? Or don’t-bothers? I’m all ears!!