p1010927-thumb-5696589 Meet Roland.

He heard that we were about to embark on a journey around the world and contacted us to ask if he could join us.

He comes with great credentials, having traveled much of the world already. Iceland, India, Malaysia, Norway, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, and Jordan just to name a few.

In fact he has already traveled to more countries than we plan on visiting on this trip. And, because he has already been to some of the countries we’ll be visiting, he’ll make an excellent tour guide.

It’s true, it can be difficult traveling with a third wheel but, even having met Roland only briefly, I think he will fit in just fine. He’s quiet, likes to read, doesn’t complain much and enjoys a good beer. All the things required of a good travel partner.

We hope he likes us too. He has traveled with many people so we definitely have to measure up. Luckily we’re quiet, like to read, don’t complain too much and we love a good beer.

I think we’re going to get along just fine.