We’ve been here in Granada, Nicaragua for 6 weeks now. I know, time flies.

It is turning out to be just what I needed.

We’ve settled into a beautiful, colonial house directly across from one of the oldest churches in town. I love sitting and listening to the Spanish hymns as they float down into the courtyard. Soon we will move into a smaller apartment in a real neighborhood (we’re currently in more of an expat neighborhood); I’m looking forward to listening for the roaming vendors, seeing how daily life plays out, and finding a local place to grab a bite.


Granada is a beautiful, well kept city. There are a few really beautiful churches; the main one dominates the central square while others are dotted around.




Along with some buildings that may not be as well preserved, but are still beautiful in their own way.



The city holds onto history in many ways. The streets are narrow and are lined with doorways that, sometimes, open to reveal the beauty hidden inside. Transportation is often by horse and buggy, or bicycle (although there are plenty of modern cars around too!). Vendors roam the streets calling out their wares, and going to the morning market is a daily task.




We’ve settled into a nice routine; work, yoga, Spanish class, making meals, and relaxing on the porch in the evening. We have friends! It’s a lot like living at home but in a place where I don’t always know what’s going on. It’s just what I needed; a chance to settle and reflect, plan for the future, and build for the coming year.

We’re looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings for us. Happy New Year to all of you; may 2015 be good to each of you.