18 Nov

India Is Hard

We entered India one year ago today.

It is a place that I had been looking forward to seeing for many, many years. I was nervous and apprehensive but, more-so, I was excited. Finally I would be able to see what this great, magical country had to offer.

I learned, more than anything, that India is hard. But I also learned that it has great beauty, deep history, resilient people…and camels!!

In September I shared some stories and slides from our trip to family and friends. It turned out (despite my nerves), to be a fabulous evening and I had a great time. One of the stories I told was about our time in India.

I had a friend film the story-telling for me. I thought I would share it today as I remember back to arriving in my most-anticipated country. I apologize for the poor quality – we were not set up for filming so it’s pretty dark but it gives an idea of how the evening went.

India is Hard from Gillian Duffy on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “India Is Hard

  1. I really enjoyed this. It would be great to see the whole presentation from your travels. :) I’ve never been to India before but I have several friends who spend part of every year there and love it. They keep wanting me to go over. One friend lives in the northwest part of India and says it is just so beautiful there. Part of me really wants to go and just capture everything with my camera and just meet all kinds of cool people like you did.
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  2. ‘love india.. but i do agree… the local folks stare alot… i thought i would not get the weird stare because im asian… lol… i was so wrong!!! :-)

  3. I loved watching this & be able to understand a bit more about your India experience. It’s nice to put a voice to the face. I feel like I know you a bit more! Hopefully we’ll be able to see some more clips! :)
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  5. I love the title! It’s so true. India is hard. It’s hard physically with the heat and the crowds and such. It’s hard emotionally with the grinding poverty and the constant attention and the like. It’s hard. Period. Just like you said. But, as you went on to say, it’s also very rewarding, if you can just get past the immediate hardness of it all.

  6. I haven’t made it to India but I think I’ll save it for later on in my trip. I’m a bit of a travel rookie and from what I hear “there is everywhere else and then there’s India”

    I like the challenge though.

  7. I know what you mean about it being so hard. We had the same types of feelings you did. We were both very excited about going to India, we knew it was going to be difficult, but we had no idea how difficult. We actually saved it for last on our year long RTW, which in hindsight was a mistake. We were tired and ready for some stability and home, and India offered the total opposite. I hated it at times when we were there, but some of the best memories from our entire trip were from India. I definitely look forward to going back someday. Thanks for sharing, very cool video that really captures what it’s like to travel in India.
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  8. I am here in India right now and I don’t find it that difficult, if you can accept the infrastructure and understand the travel system then India is very positive and I will be here for another five months because I really like it.

    One difference is that many people come here as a tourist and that is a mistake. As a traveler I have experienced two home stays and will be staying with more friends of the family I know plus renting a flat for a month. The Indian people are very kind people, veg friendly, non-smoking and there is very little to no focus on alcohol.

    India is much easier than Egypt, which was my first country I traveled for five months.

    The trick is to blend in, I don’t get people staring at me because I dress local, but I am a man and is it easier.

    Most spoiled westerners cannot handle India. I personally love it, but into my 4th year of travel my perception is much different than a tourist.

    Their are proud because of their culture, but many locals outside of the tourism are not proud of the infrastructure, but the traveler would need to seek non-tourist areas and you would have a different experience.

    Also the traveler needs to know how to play the “game” in the tourist areas.

    Looks like you visited the wrong locations in India.

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