08 May


Homecoming, Vancouver Last day, last country, last international flight. We’re currently winging our way back to Canada three hundred and forty five days after we left.

We had so many firsts when we first set off that it was impossible to count them all. First time packing the bags, first long-distance, overnight bus ride, first time staying in a hostel, first time climbing a mountain, first time trying to communicate in an unknown language…it was all firsts. And it kept going as we kept going…first time crossing a border, first time being completely overwhelmed, first time being in absolute awe, first time sweating while standing in the shade absolutely still, first time using a squat toilet. I will remember them all and we will talk about them for years to come.

And then comes the time when we realized that we were doing something for the last time…and the ‘official last time’ list was started. Last time we would cross a border, last time we would speak Spanish, last time we would take a bus, last time we would swim in that ocean…last time we would pack our bags, on the last day, in the last country just before we board our last international flight. Last…for now.

We are not sad that the trip is over. It’s been an amazing year – one we will look back on as the year that started us out, pushed us out of our comfort zone and made us realize what we are capable of. We’re excited to see what our next Giant Steps will be.

Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.’      Shawshank Redemption

9 thoughts on “Lasts

  1. Well long term traveling is not for everyone, but I am glad you two made it the year and it was a positive experiences even though there was some bumps along the way.

  2. Well said. You have had an amazing journey and I would like to thank you for sharing it with us. Through your writing we too experienced all those firsts with you, and the lasts. North America welcomes you back, until the next giant step.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Dawn’s comments. Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing you on the ‘first’ visit in our new living room (that would be the pub!).

  4. But are they really the last? I have a feeling they won’t be. Like when you throw a coin in Trevi fountain, you are bound to return.

    I don’t think all those things you mentioned are ‘lasts’ (e.g. swim in those oceans, do long distance flights, speak Spanish, etc.) Instead, they’ll just translate into the ‘nexts’.

    No, you may not be in that exact same town again, or in that same hotel/hostel, but I know that somewhere, somehow, you’ll still be standing somewhere in the shade perfectly still, sweating your nether regions off.

    And with that, I look forward to the ‘next’ time I see you both. A hui kaua…

  5. Congrats on an epic trip! What’s next? Must have seemed like forever on the road for you, but passed by fast on my end. Seems like just yesterday you were asking me when I was leaving cause you were out the door. I still got 3 months to go, haha.

  6. great post . . . again. I just read it to Christine as we sit in a guesthouse in Saigon. We’ve been out now nine months, with five more still to go.

    It moves me to hear about your firsts . . . it brings back so many memories for us.

    I’m not looking forward to our “lasts” list. We’re enjoying everyday knowing our list will soon be around the corner.

    Take care and it was really wonderful keeping up with your travels.


  7. Welcome home! Your posts often reminded me of our trip. Thanks for sharing your stories. I hope you’ll continue posting (after getting some much deserved rest)!

  8. Welcome, home! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. And I agree with the others. You might never take a year long trip again, but I bet you will have many more firsts and lasts and nexts!

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