29 Apr

Monday Moment: Paharganj, New Dehli, India

Paharganj, New Dehli, India

It’s no secret that we really struggled with our time in India.

It’s a time that I still frequently think back on as I try to impart the lessons I learned then to my traveling life now.

It comes up more often now, of course. We’re meeting new people all the time; hearing stories of their travels, and telling stories of our own. India is always a source of fascination; whether a person has been and is interested in comparing experiences, or if they have not been and want to know what it was like.

I always try to tell our story emphasizing that it is our story and point out that there are many, many, factors that lead to a persons experience in any place. India is indeed hard but she wails a siren song that is difficult to ignore.

This picture is from the Paharganj area of New Delhi. We were staying just down this street a few blocks. I have no idea why the metal detectors are there as I’m sure they didn’t work although once in a while we were directed to walk through. Oh, India!

2 thoughts on “Monday Moment: Paharganj, New Dehli, India

  1. We travelled to India last summer and yes it does evoke alot of emotions. When we talk to people who have also been we either get the response ‘I LOVED it’ or ‘it was ok.. but I wouldn’t rush back’. We are probably in the latter category. It is a place I would encourage people to go to, but it is an experience and not a holiday. There is so much culture, and we would return to the Rajasthan area or explore the North East more.

    I was also fascinated by the metal detectors – they never seemed to be plugged in!!
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