02 May

Ok, Can We Just Go Now?

p1010788I’m done. I’m ready already. I’m prepared. I’m excited. I’m anxious.

We have been planning for the better part of a year now and I think we have it all covered. I have lists, and lists of lists. I’ve ticked off almost every item on every list – not bad considering I am usually a serious procrastinator – but, for this, I wanted to be ready.

We’ve told all our friends and family. We secured LOA’s from our jobs. We’ve put together the itineraries. The house is sold and the car is on the market. We researched travel insurance and got vaccinations. The packing list is ready (okay, it might need a revision) and most items are purchased. We’ve read countless books and can speak a wee bit of Spanish. We’re ready.

There are a few things left on the to-do list but I find myself procrastinating and not doing them because then we really will be done, and there will be nothing left to do…but wait.

We’re getting down to all the ‘official lasts’. You know, the ‘official last’ time we’ll visit the local pub, the ‘official last’ time we’ll visit with this or that friend, the ‘official last’ time we’ll drive our car, the ‘official last’ time we’ll go for a ride.

Of course, that will quickly be replaced by the ‘official firsts’. The ‘official first’ time we’ll pack our packs, the ‘official first’ time we’ll set off on an around the world adventure, the ‘official first’ time we’ll stay in a hostel, the ‘official first’ time…well, there will be lots and lots of those.

But yeah, I’m ready. Can we just go now? 30 more days…

11 thoughts on “Ok, Can We Just Go Now?

  1. I hear you. And thanks for pointing out that there are a lot of exciting “firsts” coming. Like you, I’m deep into “lasts” right now, so it’s nice to be reminded that, sad as those “lasts” may be, there are a lot of fun times ahead. It’s almost time.

    Now I just need to buy a plane ticket!

  2. If it’s anything like my last 30 days it’ll fly by, all the goodbyes and last minute purchases and so on…after 15 months of planning I just wanted to leave by that stage. It’s all very exicting though, the first time it really felt real for me was the moment I took my seat on the plane…and that feeling alone was worth all the waiting.

  3. Ahhh, I get butterflies in my stomach just reading this! I am SO excited for you!!! I also get tears in my eyes; I am SO going to miss you…time will fly my friend, June will be here in a blink of an eye.

  4. I love this post…. I can feel your excitement. It takes my breath away, I know exactly how you feel… like you’re waiting for the starting gun at a race.

  5. It must be truly exhilarating to be leaving so soon after so much planning and waiting. But I think now may be the most important period to have patience. Be patient and wait for things to come. Try to be patient once you start your journey; don’t try to cram sight-seeing into every day and move as fast as possible. I can only imagine it will be hard because there is just so much to see and do. But the fact is you won’t get to see everything. Accept this fact and move at a pace that makes you happy, not what maximizes tourist destinations. Patience is a virtue, after all.

  6. Thanks for your comment over on my blog.

    Glad you like the song! Here’s a Spanish assignment for you: Try to understand it. :) I’ve listened to it enough times that I can even sing along with it now. It’s actually a great vocab song! Hell, even if you just read the letras en espanol while you read it, it’s good listening practice in and of itself.

    I’m so glad to have had you around. I never thought when I left that I’d have people I didn’t even know following me. Your guys’ blog is already a great read and you haven’t even left yet. I have a feeling you’ll be making me jealous pretty soon!

    Can’t wait to hear how it all unfolds. Have no doubt I’ll be there every entry of the way!

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