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On The Move Again

On The Move Again

We’re packing up again this week. It won’t take long – we’ve been living in a furnished apartment since we got back so we only have a few boxes of personal belongings to box up. We’re not moving far either. Just a few short blocks…into another furnished apartment.

We’ve been without a home of our own for almost two years now. Two years of living without our own stuff save for a few pots and pans, our clothes, computers and bikes. Of course for a year of that we got by with even less…just what we could carry on our backs!

Some people wonder how we can do it; live in other people’s spaces with pictures of other people’s families on the walls and other people’s furniture in the rooms. Someone once asked how I felt now that we didn’t own a home, as if I should feel less because I didn’t have a place to call my own.

Truth is I feel quite free. No longer burdened by a mortgage I wondered if we would ever pay off, no longer in a debt hole but actually standing on top of (an admittedly small) pile of money instead; I feel like we’re moving forward and are in complete control of our future.

I’m lucky to be able to live in other people’s homes. Lucky that they trust us, as perfect strangers, to take care of their things and lucky that I am able to feel comfortable in different surroundings.

I guess it’s about what makes a home. I don’t think I’ve ever needed much and lately it seems I need less than I ever did. Home for me is where we can feel relaxed, make a meal, enjoy a beer and generally feel comfortable.

I like having a space to call our own, rather than moving every couple of days like we did while travelling. That’s one of the things we learned while away…we did best when we stayed put for longer than a couple of days. We like going to the same restaurants, the same corner store, pancake lady, or pub…you know, get to know the neighbourhood a bit.

Why another furnished apartment? Well, we think it’s time for us to transition out of Victoria. It’s a short term move with a longer term vision that is nestled in a dream.

So, although this move is short, we can see a time when the move will be longer, the adventure greater, and the challenge set.

Are you curious? So are we….

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  2. Good for you!
    I personally never have an interest in owning a home unless I can own it outright (lol, I can dream big, right?).

    Like you said, having a debt over my head, knowing that I HAVE to work because there’s bills to pay is suffocating. Just thinking about it makes me feel uncomfortable.

    I’m excited for your new next adventure!
    Jill – Jack and Jill Travel The World recently posted..How Much Does A RTW Trip Cost – Revisited

  3. I’m really enjoying reading your posts. Not only have there been so many parallels in our trips, but just as I get done a day of packing boxes, I read your post and read about boxes in your world!

    I feel your thoughts on familiarity. Our furnished apartment is full of other peoples stuff, and we don’t mind.

    Just as we’ve become familiar with our corner grocery, the halal butcher with the great smile, the local wine shop. The oldest deli in Scotland where we get cheese and sandwiches, the pharmacy where Charles Darwin went is where we go too.

    As we pack our boxes for our next step, I’m excited to hear your next steps and how your future unfolds.

    All the best!

    Paul and Christine
    Paul of Bert & Patty recently posted..p1360593

  4. Good luck with the move. I found that since we have been home the holidays have much less anxiety to them when you are not worried about buying lots of stuff for people, or giving them ideas on what to buy you.

    We de-cluttered before we left and don’t want to fill our place up again just because we can. Experiences and cash are much better things to have than stuff. And the cash is mostly there to ensure lots of coll experiences!

    Also we are waiting on your trip to Philly/East Coast. Lots of cool experiences here to take in…
    Keith recently posted..A Year’s Difference in Thanksgiving Meals

  5. I clearly remember being in this situation when we lived in Paris, moving from one furnished family home to another. We didn’t have as much stuff (so no boxes) and I remember making several runs on the metro to get it all from the left bank to the right bank. I prefer staying in other people’s places as well. You get a certain feel for the culture – you can tell a lot about people by what they keep in their home and it makes you feel like more of a local in the city somehow.
    Andrea recently posted..Travel with Arm Lymphedema- An Unwanted Accessory

  6. We house sat for some friends back in DC during a summer. Took so much of the pressure off, no having to worry about stuff. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    • I agree as it gives one the feeling of getting established. I don’t think there’s anything wrong about it. Also, I don’t have to worry about inflation and increase in the rentals every year. This way I can focus on what I want to do, to live and to work.

      Well, this is just another look at life, maybe because of my age I tend to think so. Of course, I had the same feeling since I was in my 20s. Now, at 45, I’m relaxed and my concern is a larger home where I can put the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years, not rubbish!

      While traveling, I visit places and need a small room to stay in and move on. So, I’d rather hotel rooms.

      Rahman Mehraby
      Destination Iran Travel & Tours
      Iran Travel Blog recently posted..3 Approaches to Obtain Iran Tourist Visa

  7. We are trying to sell our house and wish we’d never bought it! We did enjoy it for a while, and on our first RTW trip it was no problem as Simon’s brother rented it. This time round we’ve had problems with it and our tenants left. We realised we just didn’t want the tie to the UK and the hassle of dealing with anything that could go wrong. Hopefully we’ll sell it soon.

    We alternate periods of travel with one or two month stays in apartments around the world. They can still feel like home to us without all the hassle.
    Erin recently posted..A Digital Nomad Budget- 3 Months in Bolivia &amp Peru

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