01 Sep

Puppets Lie

Jason says I have a puppet infestation.  

You know….where you go over situations and conversations in your head over and over, sure of the fact that this is exactly how it will go.  The puppets aren’t kind to the other members of the conversation and usually portray them as enacting the worst possible scenario.   I’ve had them for quite some time – well before I met Jason and, in all this time, I’ve been unable to rid myself of them.

They have been particularly active in the past month as we ramped up our plans and decided to tip our hand.

Well…puppets lie.

The response to our news has been overwhelmingly supportive and enthusiastic – not at all like the puppet shows.  Actually, the most surprising response has been from those people who confessed that they, too, were planning on chucking it all to explore their own adventures.  And not just ‘Oh yeah, we’d like to do that one day’, but seriously planning and scheming just like we’ve been!  Yes, more than one person!  (Don’t worry, I’m not planning on ‘outing’ anyone here – it’s your news to share and enjoy).  

Anyway, we wanted to thank everyone for their positive and supportive reactions.  It’s been fun sharing it with you all and we’re looking forward to hearing all of your travel stories in the coming months.

5 thoughts on “Puppets Lie

  1. Yeah, those puppets lie! It’s wonderful to know that you have great people in your life that are truly excited for you and Jason. How awesome that a few individuals in your life are also considering major life style changes to pursue adventure.

    I am excited for each of you. When Justin and I first considered things it all seemed very overwhelming. The places, the vaccinations, all the logistics and on your other post you mentioned visas. We have been referring to a book that has been helpful through our whole planning process. Especially, with visas; “how long can I be in that country? Oh, it’s a 30-day tourist visa.”

    We just put up a link to Rough Guides, First-time around the world book. It’s on the right side column of http://www.nomadbackpackers.com

    I’d mail you guys our copy but, because it’s been so helpful with planning our round the world trip we will also be bringing it around the world.

    And as for your friends and others in your life still in hiding…GO FOR IT! Pursue your adventures and your dreams! And watch out for those dishonest puppets.

  2. Thanks Natalie! I saw the reference to that book on your site and was going to look it up – now I will for sure.

  3. Gillian,
    Thanks for your comments. They made me smile and feel at ease for a moment of time. ( I cherish these moments now!) I’ll be sure to check in on your blog from time to time to see how your plans are going!
    P.S. – I like your website theme as well :)

  4. You know I get all misty eyed when I read your site, I am so proud of you both for taking the “one giant step”. So many sit back and wish and dream but you two are doing it…we admire you both, and can’t wait for the daily news!!
    Thinking about you always,
    Love J

  5. Those two kids plus one sure grew up to be adults to love and be proud of. The four suitcases grew into a house and loving home at which you are always welcome. We put our footprint on part of the world now its your turn go out there with your “one giant step” and enjoy yourselves, take our love with you and be safe.

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