01 Apr

Monday Moment: The Berlin Wall, Germany

The Berlin Wall Today

The recent protests in Berlin this past week reminded me of my short time there. I found Berlin, and Germany, to be fascinating as they try to keep moving forward while trying to honor, and learn from, the past.

Perhaps a small misstep last week as part of what remains of the Berlin wall was torn down to make way for a residential complex. I wonder if some design feature couldn’t have been made of this historic piece? On the other hand must we continue to be drawn back? Is there enough memorial and should we instead be looking forward?

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Monday Moment: The Berlin Wall, Germany

  1. I heard about the protests but didn’t realize the tear down had gone ahead. I was hoping they could save some of it as a design piece or memorial. Thanks for the post.
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  2. We were just at the East Side Gallery last month. I completely agree, I wish they would’ve left it alone, but the sections they took out are still there, they were just moved to a small park area on the west side of the wall. Hopefully they’ll display them better soon but they weren’t destroyed at least. I honestly didn’t even notice at first that a section of the wall was missing.
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