06 Apr

The Great Eastward Migration

There have been many Great Migrations throughout history. Both Canada and the United States were built on the backs of those who came from elsewhere and immigration continues to be a significant contributor to population growth.

My family (and yours, most likely) originally came from somewhere else; maybe not in your remembered history, but definitely within your history somewhere. I often wonder if the love of travel has its roots in this mass movement of people over time. Are we hard wired to want to see somewhere else?

Our Great Eastward Migration sees us moving from Victoria BC to Calgary Alberta. Not the usual direction for migration in Canada; most people move westward toward the balmy west coast. In fact, this move sees me reversing the migration route of my parents almost 40 years ago. They (and I, along with my sister) immigrated from England to Alberta and then onward to BC. I find it more than a tad ironic that I am now moving to Alberta with a possibility of England in our European plans.

Come along as we take the first OneGiantStep of our Responsibly Irresponsible plan…

We ‘exported’ as much fabulous BC beer as we could fit. I’m sure that Alberta has some good beer but this will hold us until we find it.Hopefully the last BC Ferries ride in a very, very long time.Our first nights stop in Hope at the Windsor Motel.It started to get a little snowy the next day as we headed to the first mountain pass of the trip.Some of my favorite country. I love the wide open spaces and the ability to see so far. Makes me think I am going to love living on the prairies.A quick road side stop for a picnic lunch.And we’re in Revelstoke for the second night.The third day saw even more snow.And ultimately a one hour delay for avalanche control.I wondered if we’d see any mountain sheep and then there they were on the side of the road!The mountains peeked out of the clouds for just a little while to remind us of just exactly we were missing out on during this cloudy, snowy drive. Bummer.And a warm welcome into our new home province.The first glimpse of our new home town of Calgary, Alberta.


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9 thoughts on “The Great Eastward Migration

  1. I lived in Calgary for 10 years and loved being so close to Banff and Kananaskis, although I was never all that fond of Calgary itself. I always thought if I ever moved back to Canada from Germany, it would be west, either Vancouver or Vancouver Island. Looking forward to hearing how you enjoy it. I’ve heard there is still a lot of snow!
    Laurel recently posted..Roman Limes Museum in Aalen- Germany

  2. Good luck in Calgary! It is a great city and it is young, vibrant, and progressive. My favorite of all the photos is the first glimpse of the city. Gave me that goose bumpy sort of feeling that I get when I drive back “home”.

  3. Welcome to Calgary, and congrats on the big move. I hope the challenges you are looking for and great rewards are found here.
    I do apologize for the terrible weather though. I may be on crack (j/k), but it has been about 6 years or so that I remember it still snowing in April.

    Cheers to you both. :)

  4. I am also now researching a relocation from Vancouver to Canmore, or NW Calgary.

    I was wondering if I could ask how you are liking Alberta, Calgary, any observations or advice you might have would be warmly welcomed!

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