14 Oct

The Trigger Is Pulled

“Yes! They said YES!”, I whispered as I read the email that we had been obsessively checking the inbox for. I looked up at Jason and saw mirrored in his eyes the same mixture of abject fear and excitement that was in mine.

And so our plan is coming together. In so much as we have a plan – what we really have is a pulled trigger and a panicked look on our faces.

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.” – Leonard Bernstein

We’ll leave Calgary by the end of November. 46 days from now. Not quite enough time, but we’ll get it done; we have to.

We’ve been Kijiji-ing like mad; trying to sell as much as we can as early as we can. Slowly reducing our living space to less than we lived with during college, trying hard to determine what we can keep (next to nothing) and what must go (everything), while still wagering on what we can leave to the last minute (the sofa and the bed perhaps?).

We’re working on our resignation letters and plotting the perfect time to unleash our plans on our unsuspecting co-workers. We work for the same company, on the same team, so coordination is key. **waves to unsuspecting coworkers who are no longer unsuspecting**

And we’re trying, trying, to come up with a plan.

Our totally-soft, not-worked-out, throw-it-against-the-wall-to-see-if-it-sticks, plan is to start with some good old fashioned couch-surfing with family and friends through December and into January.

Jason’s job search has now taken on an air of urgency that it needed in order to really get going. Time really is the enemy but not in the usual way; too much time usually means that nothing gets done in anticipation of tomorrow. Removing the tomorrow changes everything. We will go wherever the work takes us.

Of course there is a Plan B. It involves hot sun, crystal clear water, the softest sand I’ve ever felt, and as much paad thai as I ever wanted. But it’s not time for Plan B…yet.

Yes, we’re batshit scared. We’ve talked about this for a long time and now, all of a sudden, we’ve pushed ourselves deep into the middle of it. On purpose. We may be filled with nervous anxiousness much of the time, but there is also a quiet confidence that it is all going to work out. We are determined that fear will not be the winner.

28 thoughts on “The Trigger Is Pulled

  1. Awesome! I hope you guys decide to couch surf your way over to the Northeast U.S. and maybe a stop in Philadelphia? We would love to return your hospitality from a couple of years ago in Victoria.

  2. I guess that means we’ll have to cancel our flights to Calgary for our surprise visit! Best of luck with Plan A. Although we like the sound of Plan B better! We’ll be following your journey and cheering you on every step of the way. R, L & K.

  3. I am not surprised after reading your posts from Japan. Even though I haven’t seen you much I’ll be sorry to see you ad Jasan go. Do you have to sell cars too? So the people at work know nothing about this blog…. Best of luck. This is a time to enjoy when you’ve got a lot of energy and excitement.
    Leigh recently posted..The Lure of Hiking in Utah

  4. Awesome post, I can relate I’m in similar boat, I recently decided to leave everything I’ve known and go solo backpacking in Latin America. It can be terrifying especially when getting to those big decisions where everything is thrown into motion and it becomes real.

    I’m so excited for you, wishing you both the best of luck and Cant wait to read more about your future adventures :)
    Brendon Of Nerd Travels recently posted..Awesome New Business Cards

  5. So exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing where this all takes you – and glad I got the opportunity to meet you before your next adventure takes you away from the homeland :-)

  6. That’s so awesome! My husband and I decided to buy an RV and hit the road for 6 months with our 2 cats 3 months after we got married in September 2009. By Dec 15th we hit the road in -38c weather, unhappy cats, and us being complete RV virgins. We had never driven our 34′ motorhome anywhere, never mind towed the car behind with us. We had never set it up and put the legs down, or slept in it overnight. We made so many mistakes in the first week we laugh now – HA HA HA! In face we blogged about it, mostly for our family to read our adventures


    It was actually a dream of mine since I was about 21 to do a long RV trip across the country. Didn’t happen with husband #1 but the new one was all over it and we just went for it! We rented out our house, locked up most of our stuff and headed out not knowing what the hell we were doing or what we were in for!

    We had so many of our family and friends saying they were jealous, but they know us better than to tell us why we couldn’t or shouldn’t do it. You’ll have the time of your lives and adventure awaits that you cannot imagine! Look forward to meeting up with you as your journey begins!!!
    Darlene recently posted..Canadian Photographers Finally Win Copyright Battle

  7. Hey Gillian, it’s my first time checking out your blog and it looks great! Loved the post, especially since we just put up our first post really announcing our plans to do a RTW next year.

    We’ve got some time, so the nervousness hasn’t built up yet (that, and our wedding is 3 weeks away, blocking all view of things further down the calendar), but I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when it gets closer :$
    Andy recently posted..What’s Up With Andy & Becki?

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