11 Jan

Three Reasons To Keep Blogging

In my mind, there are three (3) reasons to keep blogging now that I’ve returned home from our year away.

1. The Joy of Writing.

I’m loving the writing. I’m loving coming up with stuff to write; I’m loving crafting my writing; I’m loving reading my writing; I’m love-love-loving that other people read my writing!!

And now, I have another outlet for my writing. I’m now a monthly contributor to the SpunkyGirlMonologues!! Let’s see, a group of successful women travelers writers telling about their experiences, sharing their passion and offering advice? A recipe for success, for sure! I’m excited to be keeping such good company and to have an opportunity to connect with more readers and hopefully see more visitors here at OneGiantStep.

2. Connecting With Readers.

I’m finding that I’m really enjoying connecting with people who read OneGiantStep.

I started up on Twitter a couple of months ago…and I can’t help but wonder what a difference it would have made to our trip had I figured it out while we were away! There is a tremendous travel community out there who do nothing but help and support each other along the way. Stay tuned for more posts on how and why Twitter is indispensable for travelers. In the meantime you can connect up with me at @OneGiantStep

I also set up a new OneGiantStep Facebook Fan Page. I’m hoping it will be a way to stay more connected off the blog. Facebook allows more two (or three, or four or…) way conversations so I’ll be able to hear more about you and what you’re doing to step out. Come on over and check it out…introduce yourself!

3. Make Some Money (?)

I’m hoping, if I write well enough and try hard enough, that maybe I can make a little coin at this blogging game. Oh sure, I have pie-in-the-sky goals and dollar signs twinking in my eyes…but, really, even if I only make enough to take a visiting traveler out for a beer I will be a success!

To that end I’ve signed up for the 1000 x 1000 Blog Challenge. The goal? One thousand visitors per day and $1000 per month. Lofty goals on both counts let me tell you! Currently OneGiantStep sees about 120 visitors per day (that’s about 880 shy of the goal) and makes (last month) -$259.60 Yes, the number is in red because it’s negative! The blog cost me money last month so there’s a long way to go on that goal also!

So, come and see me and my new friends at SpunkyGirlMonologues, or visit me on Facebook and, if you’re ever in town let me treat you to a beer…it would be my pleasure!

37 thoughts on “Three Reasons To Keep Blogging

    • And I can’t wait to hear what you and Clark have up your sleeves now Kim! I only hope that you both continue to tell us of your adventures!

  1. Yay, welcome to the Challenge :)

    @Magda No need to worry about it, it just takes dedication and patience…and what’s the worse that can happen?

  2. Glad to hear you’re keeping going, I’m continuing to write (and making more of an effort to write regularly this year) as it’s enjoyable (if time consuming), I love to share my travels and it’s a great way of keeping a record of what I’ve been up that I can look back on when I’m older.

    Good luck with the challenge too!
    Geoff recently posted..Lovely Leon

    • Thanks Geoff. I saw that you were challenging yourself this year to write more…made me happy ;-) You have way more adventures to share, I just know it!

  3. I am so glad that y’all have kept your blog going after the trip because I love reminiscing with you and hearing about your return to “normalcy.” I’d love to read more about your advice on “re-entering” because I think that’s something that many long-term travelers struggle with. And, the 1000 x 1000 is a lofty goal but a good one! Maybe I should sign up for it, too. :)

  4. I just found your blog, and I must say it’s very well written, consider me a subscriber. My wife Ashley and I are just getting our blog up and running for our RWT, and your monthly loss has got me a bit nervous. I sure hope that there are a few beer in that number as Todd suggests. If you are ever looking for cheaper hosting, I run a server, and may be able to cut you a good deal. Just let me know.

    • Hi Mike. I wish the negative was due to beer – although saying negative and beer in the same sentence pains me! No, I relaunched the site and hired a designer to create the fabulous header and logo! I’m at a point where investing into the blog is worthwhile for me. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!!

  5. Good luck with the 1000 x 1000 challenge – it’s a great goal to work towards. I have about the same number of visitors per day as you do and am always working on ways to increase my exposure. Keep us posted!

    I love reading your writing… keep up the great work.
    Glenda recently posted..Color Dare 92

    • Thanks Jill! The blog doesn’t cost me that much every month…just last month b/c I redesigned and hired a designer to create the logo and header. The cost per month is actually minimal. cheers!

  6. Great reasons! I feel they apply to me, but backwards – I’ve started my blog in anticipation of taking a major trip, the departure date of which keeps getting pushed back. It can be hard to stay motivated when I’m not actually traveling and don’t know exactly when I’ll be on the road again! But points 1 and 2 especially provide good motivation.
    Katie recently posted..Europe in the Winter Sign Me Up!

  7. Connecting with readers is definitely our main motivation with Don’t Ever Look Back – in our latest post we asked readers to help us choose between Fiji and Hawaii and the response we’ve got is incredible! So much so that we’ve got enough advice and tips to have a great time in both places… yep, the travel community is totally awesome!

    Good luck with the challenge, we’ve already started seeing some good results from following the advice even though it is still very early days. Just joined your FB fan page too. :)
    Kieron recently posted..Fiji or Hawaii Help us decide!

  8. Hi Gillian, I’m happy to hear that you will continue to write. I love to hear your voice, you have a very kind and clear writing style that appeals to me. Also, as Akila suggests, I would love to hear more about what life has been like since your return. I’ve been looking for that out in the travel community but haven’t found much about it. I know it would ease my mind and help me prepare for what to expect (even though I haven’t even left yet). So… there’s a few more ideas for your next blog post!
    Kim recently posted..RTWsomanyplaces- RT @travelcanucks- NEW The Series Continues! Drinking Beer Around the World – Part Six – http-tco-ECoINAm TNI tbex

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  10. thanks for sharing your thoughts… my main focus in blogging is reach out to other travellers so i could learn more ways on how to travel cheaply, second is to earn money so i could travel more… so far it seems to be doing good… thanks for sharing the travel blogger challenge…. i didnt know about it until now…
    flip recently posted..Flip Needs Your Support

  11. Hi Gillian

    If you love it that is the best reason to keep blogging. I understand that if it brings in beer money then that’s great too of course!


  12. Nice post. We struggled for almost a full year after we got back with how to keep on blogging. It was a mind over matter thing, because in my head I just couldn’t get past our blog being a RTW blog and us being back at home. But I think we’ve finally figured out something that works for us and I plan to do lots of blogging in 2011 at our reconfigured site.
    Theresa recently posted..What a Ride! Around the World and Back Again

  13. Do it for the JOY and do it for the COMMUNITY. Writing is so rewarding and your viewpoint is special. I have enjoyed blogging between travels as it keeps me dialed in and looking forward. Also, finding new adventures in my backyard is tons of fun.

    keep on truckin!
    joshywashington recently posted..Across Argentina My Itinerary

  14. I’m between trips right now and have plenty of “down time” at work for writing. As I’m a little late to the blogging game (compared to my travels), I’ve been using the travel break to back date some “archive” posts. I wonder, when all the archives are completed and I’m in between trips – what will I write about…? hmmm… will have to think on that.
    Scott recently posted..20-000 hits

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