16 Feb

Twitter Travel Tips: Setting Up Your Twitter Account

When we left for our trip in June2009 Twitter had been around for a little while but it hadn’t really taken off…or at least I didn’t realize the value of it at the time. Since returning I’ve learned much more about how Twitter works and how it can be used as a traveler. I’m no expert by any means but I do think that knowing how Twitter worked would have changed how we traveled. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll share what I’ve learned so that you can put it to use in your own travels!!

Some of you may already have a Twitter account. Some of you created one since the What The Heck Is Twitter post; I did notice a few new names in my follower list yesterday…hello to @nomadseen and @jayner72…good work on setting yourselves up and finding me!

But some of you out there reading may be unsure of how to even set up a Twitter account.

So, let’s start at the beginning. In this video I’ll go through a quick Twitter account set up and point out the pieces that will make a difference as you move forward connecting with people.

To those of you that already have an account; send a tweet my way to @OneGiantStep…I’ll respond to your tweet and we can get connected!

Twitter Travel Tips: Setting Up Your Twitter Account from Gillian Duffy on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Travel Tips: Setting Up Your Twitter Account

  1. Awesome tutorial – I am following along at home….not sure I ‘get’ Twitter quite yet, but this is very helpful.


  2. Thanks for writing this stuff down. I’m taking your word that twittering will be a boon for our travels, so I’ve jumped in. Mostly I’ve found a few more travel blogs to read, but haven’t figured out the communicating part yet.

    I’ll look forward to the next set of instructions
    Mike Lenzen recently posted..Dining on a Dime

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