18 Apr

You’re Crazy…No YOU’RE Crazy…Get Out Of My Head!!

get-out-of-my-headNote to self…never test the psychotic side effects of medication and try hypnosis at the same time.

This week, in an attempt to keep our malaria medication costs down, we have been trying a ‘loading dose’ of Mefloquin to see if we would suffer the psychotic side effects. Side effects include (but are not limited to) bad dreams, anxiety, headaches, suicidal ideation and hallucinations. Fun eh?

One has to wonder that, if both of us are on the medication, how will either of us know if the other is going crazy!? So, of course, all week we’ve been bantering back and forth accusing each other of crazy talk and then assuring each other that, no, we are not crazy.

To add to this I had a consultation visit with a hypno-therapist to help me deal with my fear of flying.

I’ve had a fear of flying (and other transportation) for years, and it seems it’s getting worse as I get older. As our departure date gets closer I am determined to overcome it and not have it harangue me for the next year. And so, after hearing from a coworker how well hypnosis works, I decided to give it a try.

And that’s how I found myself sitting in a hypnotherapists office listening to him explain how hypnosis and the theory of quantum mechanics go hand in hand… how we are all an illusion…and that it is just our ‘consciousness’ that creates our reality.

Yeah, I know…kook-a-lukey! But, although it was one of the strangest situations I’ve ever found myself in, I truly believe that this man can erase the fear from my subconscious and I will be free.

During the consultation he explained to me the process that we will go through during the actual hypnotherapy session –  I swear he put me in a hypnotic trance right then! I had the weirdest, indescribable feeling come over me and I sat there thinking that somehow he was in my head and could read my thoughts! Yeah, I know…kook-a-lukey!

Remembering the stage hypnosis shows I’ve seen that have the participants believing they are glued to their seats, I made sure to shift around in my seat to make sure I could still move. I could, and the weird sensation slowly disappeared. We finished up, said our goodbyes, and I left – only imagining how the actual session could possibly top that.

And so I am left, trying to sleep, waking up every few hours to check if I’m having any bad dreams, then wondering if I am crazy and telling myself that there is no man in my head. Yeah, I know…kook-a-lukey.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

12 thoughts on “You’re Crazy…No YOU’RE Crazy…Get Out Of My Head!!

  1. Weird man… sending positive vibes your way. I’ve always suspected you two were a little off… now my suspicions are confirmed… hee, hee.

  2. ah Gillian….you have been kook-a-lukey for years now….okay, maybe not just you, J too.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you!! What a fantastic break that would be if it works!
    Love Ya…

  3. Wow – interesting… Maybe when you invited the hypnotherapist into your head, he straightened up whatever was feeding on the Mefloquin-induced crazies. You know, he did a subconscious-cleaning in the kitchen of the psychotic-house.

    It has probably made you less susceptible to any problems down the road. Let him stay in there – he’ll be useful in the future if you ever have to take a ‘loading dose’.

  4. Hey why don’t you just get some good drugs, then the man in your head will make you laugh and talk back to you, that would be my way of dealing with a fear of flying!

  5. Just Jason messing with you? Did you think of that and he set the whole thing up.
    Just my thoughts. You will be fine when the drugs leave the system.
    That’s it,
    To the Pub.
    Good luck.

  6. One thing I have learn so far in life is the more you think about and face your fears the easier it is to handle them and eventually forget about them. I’m sure by the end of your trip flying in airplanes will be a walk in the park. You will come back to Canada and then begin to miss flying! Be it if it’s the “man” in your head or not that convinces you of this. ;)

  7. Sounds like its been an interesting experiment. We´ll be on Lariam for S.America and Africa and we´re on chloroquine right now. No side affects so far! Just fyi,the cholorquine seems to be readily available here in guatemala, it might be cheaper than canada, i can check for you if you want.

  8. My mom swears that she was hypnotized by her gynecologist and needed no pain medication for any of the 4 births during the 60’s when they often put you right out. She swears by it but also gets no meds for any fillings at the dentist!!!
    Maybe they are all kookey!
    Safe voyage

    • Well, the mefloquine did not make us crazy (although some may disagree!) – a little jittery and not quite right but it was a large dose over a short time period so we don’t think it’s too bad. Also at less than 1/7th the cost of Malarone we would have had to of been more than a little jittery to convince me that Malarone was worth it!

      The hypnosis session is tomorrow morning…I’ve been a little anxious about it but I feel open to the whole thing and am looking forward to being free. Thanks for the positive feedback Ann Marie – it’s good to know it worked so well for your mom!

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