5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance is so Important

27.September 2013

Our Journey

Whenever we are planning to travel there are many things competing for our travel dollar. We need to buy flights and accommodation, food and drink; we need funds to take tours and buy souvenirs. It can be tempting to try and cut costs by scrimping on travel insurance. As inviting as this saving may appear, it is a really bad idea. Travel insurance is a must have. While we all hope nothing will go wrong while we are holidaying, the reality is the unexpected can and does happen.

The best approach to travel insurance is not to avoid the expense but rather to seek out the best value for your money. Do your research.

Travel Money Oz has already done their research on travel insurance and can offer you some great options from Cover-More insurance. They can get you insured for as letter as $4 a day which will cover you for health issues, natural disasters, lost luggage, late fees on hire cars and much, much more. This is excellent value for money.


If the unthinkable happens and you have an accident while on holidays, travel insurance will definitely ease the pain. Car or motorbike accidents are not uncommon, especially in highly trafficked areas like the cities of Asia. Often on vacation we will engage in more risky activities; we might mountain climb or take a speed boat ride. Accidents happen.


While everyone hopes for good health while vacationing there are no guarantees that you will not fall ill. Travel insurance will cover medical expenses and even hospital stays, which can be really expensive in some countries. In some cases medical expenses can add up to more than your total holiday budget. Insurance will not usually cover pre-existing conditions but it will cover just about every other kind of medical need you may have, including dental issues.

Theft & Loss

Baggage, money and other valuables can be stolen or lost while on holidays. Without insurance this can be absolutely devastating to the traveller. If you are insured against theft and loss the stolen you will be paid the funds necessary to replace your property. The peace of mind this brings is worth every cent spent on travel insurance.


Flights are costly and most airlines will not refund your fare if you are forced to cancel or postpone your trip. Things crop up: people get sick, relatives die, accidents happen. The unexpected can occur and stop you from catching your flight. Travel insurance will cover the costs of lost fares. Without it, you may well be forced to cancel your holiday unless you have sufficient funds to afford a whole new fare.

Legal Matters

Some tours require that participants have travel insurance. If you are taking a tour to the top of the Himalayas for instance, the tour operators will usually require you to be insured.

Travel insurance will give you peace of mind and a sense of security while travelling. It is a very worthwhile investment.

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